The "Kaiju Re-branding" Thread (aka "Kaiju's PR Campaign")

So, yea, I know I bitch about Kaiju a lot. I've made this thread to share with everyone all of Kaiju's good qualities and traits, because he does have a lot of them, I just don't share them very often.

First, let me explain why I complain about him a lot. Basically, due to his high-drive and "tough guy" temperament, he requires more management than many of our other dogs. In a situation where you have multiple dogs (10+) ANY DOG that requires more one-on-one management than the average is labeled as a "problem child", whether they deserve that title or not. This is the case with Kaiju. If the situation were different and we had less dogs to manage I'd probably be totally taken by Kaiju and his Shikoku-ness... like I was with Ahi... I bet I'd complain about Ahi too if she was a puppy now and we had to keep her with all these dogs.

Anyway, so what I am trying to say is that Kaiju is not a "bad dog", he doesn't have a "bad temperament", he's actually a wonderful dog, he just requires a lot of extra day-to-day management that many of our other dogs do not require. And so I bitch about him a lot. It's less him, and more me that has an issue.

This thread will be dedicated to sharing all his good qualities in the form of pictures, stories, and videos. I have many, but I'm still aggregating them together to share with you - but stay tuned! :o)

The obvious first thing to say about Kaiju is that he is a VERY NICE LOOKING Shikoku Ken...






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    For those of you who do not know Kaiju's back story, he was imported by me and my wife from Japan. Shigeru and I "intercepted" him as he went from one kennel in Japan to another. Kaiju was produced by a NIPPO judge's breeding program and is from Hiroshima.

  • I like the Kaiju re-branding thread. He still is a very handsome man.

    For new people, you should post his puppy pics. He was the most handsome puppy I have ever seen. He reminded me of Scrappy Doo.
  • Kaiju is a very nice looking Shikoku, so much that I use him as the model of what I like to think a Shikoku should look like.
    I actually like hearing about Kaiju's "problems" for some reason. Maybe since Conker's recently gotten a mean streak in him that he didn't have before... Also, I tend to like "bad" dogs more than the good ones anyways XD
    It is nice to know that Kaiju isn't all bad though, and I'm looking forwards to more updates when you get around to them!
  • Hahaha,
    I love Kaiju. I man-handled him and Ritsu when they first arrived and knew he was just going to be a handful. He had a lot of energy! I never really considered him a "monster" considering he just sounds so much like my Kurenai. I imagine him to be intense, playful, driven, impulsive, and mouthy when he plays. Quintissential Shikoku if you ask me. :-)

  • Freak'n Kaiju, typical stubbourn NK. His name suits him really well, he really reminds me of Koyuki. She's a beating and a half.
  • I love the second picture.
  • @shishiinu.
    Gen! Say the word and we need our lil' hellion travel partners to have a go at it sometime! I'm sure they'll play in a manner that would make Kaiju look like an angel:-)

  • Poor Kaiju, I love him all the same even with his "bad boy" rep. He's probably just doing that to impress the ladies :P He is definitely one of the dogs I would love to meet some day.
  • So noted. Kaiju rocks! Never doubted it for a minute... :)
  • I freakin love Kaiju :) Personality and all, but then again, I'm usually attracted to super stubborn/ pain in the ass dogs lol. I'd love to meet him as well, along with those two cuties in the pic above ;)
  • I actually love hearing your complaints. Hearing about him being a butt is what makes Kaiju adorable
  • Yeah Rina heard me complain about Mei! Oh wait so does everyone including Brad and Jen.
  • Ok, while some Kaiju vids upload here are some Kaiju puppy pics...




    He was an uber-cute puppy!

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    Should we get "Team Kaiju" or "Kaiju 2012" t-shirts made?

    He was the freakin cutest puppy ever!!
  • Love the yoga pose at the very end! I am very much team Kaiju. Frankly, I wish it were my place to pimp Kurenai out to him 1.5 years from now but that's all Corina:-P

  • Oh talk Corina into it!!!!
  • I vote for Team Kaiju! Put one of those uber cute Kaiju puppy pics on it and I'll buy a couple.
  • So, when will the shirts be ready? lol
  • I adore Kaiju! He's by far one of my favorite Shikoku here (if not my absolute favorite--sorry guys!), but I think it's BECAUSE we hear so much about how much of a punk he's being (coupled with that adorable face--come on, this isn't fair). He's very endearing and I never took away from any of his "problems" that he was a bad dog or had a bad temperament. He's just kind of punky and really, I think everyone (here) can appreciate that type personality. Still, I'm very excited to hear about all of the GOOD things too! :)

    If I heard about every Shikoku like how we hear about Kaiju, I'd want one in a heartbeat (and he and Mura are responsible for most of my Shikoku-crush). I am absolutely for Team Kaiju.
  • Ok, here is a video of Kaiju playing with a tarantula.

    You might ask: why include this video in Kaiju's re-branding campaign? Sure it's cute the way he paws the tarantula, but the real reason I included it is because of what happened off-camera...

    Shortly after this video Kaiju eats this tarantula. Yea, you read that right - he ATE THE TARANTULA. You know why? Because he's Kaiju, and he's a badass. He eats mutha f'n live tarantulas for fun! That's just how badass he is.

    Sure it made him sick, but that's whatever. You see, if Kaiju wants to eat live tarantulas and then violently vomit it up, then later spray tarantulas butt-funk all over his crate, the barn, and Ritsu, he can do that. Because's he's Kaiju, and he's a badass. He does what he wants. That's just how a badass operates.

    You see, "Kaiju" (his brand) isn't just about being cute, doing yoga poses as a puppy, or kissing Chase... It's also about being a badass too. Learn from him.

  • Yea Team Kaiju all the way! He IS bad-ass!!
  • LMFAO is would figure that he sprayed funk all over Ritsu. It had to be Ritsu! It's just fitting.
  • LOL. Somehow that re-branding is not quite working. :-)
  • I love that video. The description is amazing.

    Kaiju, the Tarantula Slayer
    Kais: "...right. You're doing... what? Yeah, okay, let us know how that works out for you."
    Kaiju: "Look, guys, Back up. I've got this. Watch this shit. It's crazy. This beast ain't got nothin' on me. Don't be jealous."
  • Hahahahaha, re-branding fail, Brad :)

    That's okay though, it just means you have to post more stuff!
  • lol... Poor Ritsu! :)
  • That's a great story! :) Kaiju is so handsome and has such a great personality!
  • Kaiju is so funny. Saya would done same thing to that tarantula. She is pawing and pouncing on crickets and eating them. >.<

  • "Learn from him." LOL!
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