Nihon ken standings?
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    Please excuse me if this seems like a silly question.... I'm fairly new here haha!

    I've been trying to research different Hokkaido bloodlines, yet my internet searches have shown me little luck. For AKC and UKC, you can easily search the top scoring dogs of a particular breed, and it's also pretty easy to track down health testing records as well. I was wondering if it's possible to do the same for nihon ken.

    If not, would anyone be able to help guide me in the right direction towards finding a good import? Are there certain health issues that tend to run in certain lines? Which kennel is currently producing some of the most promising dogs when it comes to conformation, working, etc?

    Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hokkaido are just now getting started in North America. There are like 10 of them, your best bet - only bet really- is to talk with Lindsay at the HANA Project.

    Also a quick google search turned up this:
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    Shigeru is definitely one of the best helps when looking to import from Japan.

    I don't known as much about Hokkaido lines specifically, but Meitou is likely epileptic. He had two seizures last year (once on May and once in September) and this year he has already had two (end of April and beginning of May). However, Meitou's brother Maruto of Itadaki kennel seems to be perfectly healthy as far as I am aware.

    The Hokkaido Pedigree Database is a good place to check out information.

    And I don't know if you're also looking for dog show titles, sport titles, but Hokkaido are not recognized by AKC yet, I believe. And I don't know that anyone has done anything UKC with them yet. I could be wrong. Meitou has done some Barn Hunt and the last time I checked the Barn Hunt site he's the only Hokkaido with a Barn Hunt title (RATI, one leg in Open), but that may have changed since I last checked.
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    Hi, Lindsay here...I'm trying to establish the breed here and get pedigrees for US dogs and litters translated and NIPPO registered so we can track them better and plan breedings. I keep my own Hokkaido pedigree database as well which Ann has graciously entered the majority of the data for.

    For imports...I have an idea of what I want in future imports for my own use, but Shigeru is by far the best resource there in terms of knowing lines of dogs. I would suggest, if you're seriously interested in importing to have a dog who live primarily as a pet but also be something that will be useful for the breed here, to get a dog from show lines from one of the European kennels as they will have some health testing behind them (that's extremely valuable for the breed here) and will have been raised in a home setting so they will come well socialized more than likely and the breeders able to give you good background on the parents temperaments. It can be harder to get specific info like this with Japanese imported puppies.

    The breed is AKC FSS here, my own dogs are registered UKC and NIPPO as well, but showing is not a big priority at this time (although I intend to show them as my schedule allows). Mostly I just wanted to get a good pool of dogs and fanciers established. If showing draws more interest for potential owners, I'll move the breed in that direction (and that's already happening) but I'm personally more interested in performance events with my Hokkaido and taking them to dog events where the public can meet them :)
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    There was one young Hokkaido from a European kennel that was being re-homed. If the dog is still looking for a new home, it'll be a great opportunity to get one without the huge import expense.
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    there is also some nice European litters planned this fall from CEA negative dogs and they would be great additions here if anyone was interested in importing from Europe.
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