Luna Our Home Bred Girl
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    Introducing our little white princess Luna, she is out of our girl Eris and French Import I'jaidev's Shogun Of Kaerizaki. She is a real character. loves been dirty so not looking forward to pre show bathing, or trying to keep her clean once bathed.
    She has her first show at the end of June so fingers crossed both her and her mum qualify for crufts.
    She as already had some success at her first match night winning best baby puppy.

    photo 12548896_10154003878143142_2430981241452478722_n_zpssjcvhu2c.jpg

    photo 1689390_10154003878173142_1714217848537187493_n_zpszo4pfvna.jpg

    photo 12417854_10153850986723142_532752827399029469_n_zps0hoikske.jpg

    photo 12507345_10153850986848142_7903657053622711467_n_zpso2abbrh8.jpg

    photo 12552508_10153850986713142_4469381705001509337_n_zpsrpgethrn.jpg

    photo 12439284_10154003879238142_3687797871325451528_n_zps3hfqqjde.jpg

    photo 12743845_10153916419738142_3659576246158874230_n_zpsphtmeph9.jpg

    photo 12654152_10153893540873142_8550455202978533764_n_zpsmgnvpunb.jpg

    photo 12795555_10153934507748142_2926181072932676015_n_zpsfvq3h9rw.jpg

    photo 12814419_10153956409053142_7278023392663784126_n_zpsuwzowlvj.jpg

    photo 11235805_10154003879573142_274251802691646842_n_zpsnrxfjpon.jpg
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    She is nice!! Beautiful solid frame!
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    She's so cute!
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