Another Hokkaido Breeder?
  • Hello everyone,

    Is anyone familiar with Cali Hokkaido? I saw their website, and it looks like they are selling puppies, but they look like Shibas??? I'm not interested in another Hokkaido, but saw their name come up. As far as I know, HANA is the only one.

  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    The dogs they call "Hokkaido" are really Shibas and it's a mill site. They don't have Hokkaido and it's a scam. I called them on it and they never responded. HANA breeders are the only ones doing litters in NA right now. That will change as this last litter grows and others import more, but my hope is they work with the breed club.
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    Woah, what?? I hadn't heard of this. How awful. :(
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    That's really bad and must be disheartening after all the work you've gone through to get HANA up and running.

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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Yah, I thought about making a thread for it as a warning when I found it last year but didn't want to give them press
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  • My sister wants one and they mentioned that breeder to me. I looked them up, and saw the shibas so I told them that HANA was the only breeder in NA that I was aware of. I'm glad they mentioned it to me, so I had the opportunity to let them know and confirm with folks here.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Oh yikes, that would have ended with all kinds of disappointment
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    It's blatant false advertising
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  • I asked them to join this forum, so that they are fully informed on the Japanese breeds and able to figure out what is true/false when it comes to owning one. I'm glad I was able to inform them, but it was only because of my own research and involvement in these forums.
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    Bah! I think I heard about them. When I went to the nihonken invitational, on my way out of the parking lot, someone asked about our dogs. He thought they were Hokka. He couldn't remember the breed name, so I asked if he was thinking of Shibas or Akitas. He said no to both, but when I reached Hokka, he said someone in his neighborhood used to breed them. Maybe it's this same guy? I think the two cities are pretty close (Torrence and Carson).

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    Wow I did not know about this breeder. They are definitely shiba inu not Hokkaido. >.< Sad people breed and misinform people like this!

    I'm so glad HANA is out there so hopefully people learn more how to tell differences..
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