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    I am wondering if anyone knows of a breeder named Sharon Fletcher of tired iron shibas in Florida. I am looking to get a puppy and have been communicating with her via email. so far she has answered all my questions and provided pictures of the puppies, momma dog and one of her outdoor kennel. She states the puppy will be akc registable and that the momma dog came from Asa Hanna in NC with champion bloodlines. I am not familiar with either one of these kennels so I figured the forum would be the best place for insight.

    just wondering if anyone had dealt with this breeder personally or heard any reviews from others. I try to be very informed since I know its hard to find a non puppy mill type breeder. If it weren't for us needing to get a puppy I would adopt from the rescue, but due to us having two adult shibas and two cats its not wise to bring in a non puppy to the household.

    thanks in advance!
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    Have you tried asking the Shiba Inu Forum? They know more about shiba breeders than we do... that said, I commend you for doing your research! :) Good luck with your search for a great breeder!
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    Definitely ask on the Shiba Inu forum as well, like @WrylyBrindle suggested.

    Champion bloodlines is a very vague and non-helpful description for a dog's lineage, especially with the sheer volume of Shibas that are out there. That could very well mean that the great grandfather was a champion, and the grandmother was put in a mill and mated to a very incorrect/offstandard male, and then mom ended up in this person's kennel. AKC registration is simply paperwork and also does not indicate healthy, high quality dogs. Their website is basically nonexistent and doesn't show any of the adults or offspring. They have their pups advertised on which also does not lend credence to ethical breeding, as homes should be found prior to the breeding taking place. I also didn't see any mention of certified eyes, hips, or exams for luxating patella in the parents.

    I just moved out of Florida after having lived there for close to 20 years, and I don't know of any reputable Shiba Inu breeders there. I'm not saying there isn't, but definitely be very, very leery and do a lot of research into Florida breeders. It's a major import/export state, and animal regulations are loose and not enforced very often. There's also a large population of Amish in the state, and they are notorious for puppy mills being a main business for them.

    They are great dogs when bred correctly, but going for the convenient, local breeder may not be what gets you the best dog for your money. @lindsayt is a great source for breeder recommendations, and may be able to give you some recommendations for the South East or East coast.

    I'd say you dodged a bullet by asking about this place first. Best of luck :)
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    Check out Royal Shibas/Pam Peterson in Ohio.
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    Pam is great to check out as lindsayt mentioned. I adopted my Kai from her.
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    Thank you everyone
    my search shall continue! Got a few more recommended breeders that I plan on looking into.
    ~Jen~ Mommy to Raiden the Kai, and Shibas Nalla & Kimba!

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