Hokkaido Association of North America (HANA)

This is a bit premature, but I wanted to get this underway since I have been making plans more earnestly towards the addition of another Nihon Ken breed. I'm curious to see if there would be more interest in the United States for Hokkaido if there was actually a breeder here and I want this to be a resource specifically for the Hokkaido so we can list pedigrees of breeding dogs in the US, keep pictures of them, health information as it comes along, etc.


I wish I had web page design skills, but blogger will have to suffice for now :) Let me know if any of you have suggestions for content. I realize it needs more info and photos, and I will definately link to Shigeru's way more comprehensive site once it's up.

If there are any current Hokkaido owners who would like to contribute any info or photos, I will happily include them. I'm really excited for the dogs to arrive.


  • Don't know much about the breed, but I know I would be excited of there was a Hokka breeder in the US (even if I wouldn't be able to add another dog for awhile). Is this what I think it is Lindsay, are you considering becoming a Hokka breeder?
  • Well... Can I just say... WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! :-D

    It is no secret that one day I plan to add a Hokkaido to my mix. I think they are fascinating dogs and a perfect fit for me. The sole Hokkaido that I have met absolutely captured my heart. (And Bella's!)

    So... do you have dogs arriving, or just plans to have dogs arriving? :)
  • I'm also interested in this. I grew up with a ainu and maybe one of these days I wouldn't mind adding one to my pack.

    I really like the breed for its ability to hunt so its been on the top of my list for future hunting dogs.
  • Considering breeding absolutely, but I want to get everything planned out before hand. Sooo, I'm in the process of looking with a lot of help :) and gathering info still. BUT, I really want to form a good network of people who are interested in owning/co-owning, importing additional dogs, etc.

    I don't have all the resources or desire to establish my own independent program which would require a few dozen dogs at least. I do have my few Shibas and they are a priority, so I think it would be easier to only have 1-2 Hokkas and have a network of cooperative homes with one or two that are kept intact for the possibility of breeding. It just seems that it would be easier and best for the dogs (current and future) to share the load that way, then everybody has an investment in their wellfare and a say in the future of the breed in the states, etc.

    This is part of why Shiba people have become so exclusive, and I don't want that for any of the other NK. I understand the reasoning for having a huge kennel of your own dogs in order to have enough to breed from without sharing, but I also never want to be in a situation where I have so many dogs that they would have to be kenneled and not get enough training/mom time.

    The point of bringing more over here is to share the breed, so anybody who is interested, I would really like to start brainstorming. I have asked for a breeding pair, but I would be very willing to send one to a cooperative home on a co-ownership.
  • Ooohh...I smell a Lindsay/Gen partnership. C'mon Gen, you can convince the wife it's to help establish the breed in the U.S.!

  • That is a pretty cool idea, and that whole co-owner was something that Tikaani's breeder had done. Technically she had no more than 10-15 dogs in her care at one time, but had at least 50 dogs participating in her breeding program through co-ownership and sort of cycled the dogs between her and the co-owners.

    I'd imagine though that this sort of thing would be difficult if the co-owned dogs lived more than a few states away. Though with modern technology and AI, that seems to make it easier.
  • I would definitely be interested... A little more slightly down the road (like 2-3 years), though. However, since I do live on the opposite coast, a co-ownership could get a little tricky...

    Lindsay, you have my facebook info and email address, right? Shoot me a message with some info whenever you get a chance. :)
  • I love the Hokkaido was so excited to see the male Hokkaido in Shigeru's post..

    I've really fallen in love with the Nihon ken breed Saya is such a great shiba inu personality and temperament wise.

    I wouldn't mind owning a Hokkaido one day he/she would have a great life with my 16acres to explore with me and the dogs and I'd feed him/her raw of coarse.

    I love doing agility with Saya for fun so we'd most likely do that too..

    My mom would like to purchase this one land the owner is offering too much, but if things work out and he lowers who knows we'd have 26 acres of land if we can do it.

    Once I get done with my education I wouldn't mind paying for the 10acres and one day building a nice house in the woods and stuff like that it'd be by a creek and lots of deer in the area I could hunt during the hunting season one deer could feed a couple of dogs for a good while.

    I'd like to get education in art and learn Japanese.

    My dog trainer I took Saya and Bella to her son took Japanese in a college in the state so I could get the info from her and see how he liked the class..

    Sorry to ramble a bit.. =\

    I've been working on Saya retrieving and she loves it need to get some duck or quail scents and work on her tracking Saya loves following animal scents.

    I like your idea and wouldn't mind helping out in some way. I live in Lafayette Indiana so that's pretty far from where you live, but who knows..

    Could always do a road trip or fly! lol

    I'd try to make it to Madison WI meet up every August so the dog would be used to road trips. =)
  • @lindsayt - Lindsay, that's an awesome goal. I wish you the best! Unfortunely, I'm not interested in owning a Hokkaido but I do fancy and admire them. I'd love to help out and contribute what I can, when I can. Given the property (larger area of space), I won't mind being the "transition" house for imported & co-owned Hokkaido Ken.

    @CrimsonO2 - Jesse, he only has 5, he has room for 1 more dog!

    @shishiinu - Gen, you're allowed 6 dogs, get a Hokkaido. =p.
  • Awesome work Lindsay!
  • Thanks Corina! What an offer.

    It sounds like there are a few people who have some interest, so I am encouraged to continue with my plans.

    That would be way cool if Gen took a Hokkaido to hunt.
  • Well the way things are looking I mybe taking in another dog in the near future. Our rotti sammi maybe going to Japan to live with my Dad. He fell in love with her when he came to visit and its been none stop about how much he wants Sammi.

    6 Dogs!! Holy crap Corina, if I had that many I dont know how I'm going to go back home to Japan. But yes most likely I will either add another Kishu, Kai, or a Ainu. Maybe Ainu since every one and their tia has a Kai. Good Lord, why do I have so many damn hobbies and interests. I still need to get back to racing and do some car work. My beat partner is even talking me into racing motorcycles again.

    @ Jesse: dude you kidd'n me, I'm trying to get my family established. I think the wifey would center punch me with my .45 if I bring home another dog! I had to do crazy things like bring home flowers and buy gifts just to get Koyuki.

  • I would be interested in a co-ownership probably like 5-8 years from now. It really depends when I'm done with schooling, but yes, I'd love to help. The Ainu have been fascinating me for a while now.
  • Gen - 6 dogs, tis' only 1 more then 5 -grins-. Ah...-sighs-...you're right, it's too soon after having just imported Koyuki...well then I suppose there isn't any hurry? Say give it another 1 or 2 years? Start buttering up the wife now! LOL.
  • Wow im really surprised at how many people would be interested. The hokkas didnt seem to have that many fans. I cant keep a dog for your program, that ship has sailed in our house but if theres anything else i can help with, let me know. The hokkas are still my favorite nihon ken.
  • Thanks everybody, I'll post updates as things progress.
  • Good luck Lindsay! It'll be exciting to see how the breed can develop here. ~
  • I'm open to the idea of a hokka, too, but like many others, I have to wait a few years. I'm going back to school this fall for a 2-year diploma and then I'm going to work and do the post-diploma bachelor's part time. Which means I'll be busy! But I'm thinking that when we're a dual-income family, I'd like to get an acreage and do that whole thing, and really take my time with that bachelor's because my goal is to not go into debt at all.
  • Wow, this is awesome! I am defiantly interested in helping out once I get back to Oregon and in a better situation than I am now. I love all the Nihon Ken but there is so little information on the Hokkaido I don't know too much about them. Doing what I can to help sounds like a neat thing to do.
  • I just checked our your blog, very cool! I know next to nothing about Hokkaido-ken, but hope to learn more!
  • Bumping this for @WhoBitMe

    Just curious to see if you had gotten any additional info, Lindsay. I know you have been super busy with the Shiba mob. :)
  • Oh darn I live in Denmark, so I guess I wouldn't be much help in an american club. But the Hokkaido has also captured my interest and I might want one down the road...
  • Shiba mob, lol. I've been showing all weekend (Farrah got a major, first points), but I intended to comment here at some point. I'm still interested in the breed and in importing a breeding pair as a group effort, preferably with people in my area at first.
  • Congrats to Farrah! :) She is such a fluff.

    Sounds good. Even though I am on the other coast, let me know what I can do to help!
  • Finally mustering courage to post here...

    @lindsayt - I am very interested in the Hokkaido and would love to be involved with this. I am also located in Washington, a couple hours south of you if I'm remembering correctly where you're located.
  • Is southern Oregon in your area? I'm four hours from Portland, two from California's border.
  • Looks like you might be off to a good start Miss Lindsay!
  • I finally got around to reading about your plans, Lindsay, and I'm thrilled! I hope to add another NK in a few years, and I've been wondering what might be a good match for us. I love this idea--it might let someone like me, who can't really go all out and be a regular breeder, still contribute to the breed through co-ownership and keeping a dog intact for breeding purposes. And I've got to admit the Hokkas are really appealing.....

  • Thanks Casey and Corina, she is way fluffy right now and she was in great condition and represented her breeding well:



    I am in Puyallup. If you are seriously interested in the breed and importing, let's meet up sometime and go over some things face to face. My email is on my profile.

    As they say, fools rush in, so I am not eager to embark on a path without first getting as much information as possible. I'm getting more involved with Shibas, so that is still my primary focus.
  • I have a question about resources...

    Say you get the breeding pair, and either one can't be bred or doesn't jive with your home/other dogs - what is in place for alternative living situations for the dog? I would assume that the homes with hokkaido can be count on one hand, if that, right?

    It's a huge undertaking for sure - I think we've seen with people who import that expecting it to be perfect doesn't always pan out despite the planning and money spent.
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