We've all heard they can do it. Well here's the proof...

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Kai Ken CAN climb trees!



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    It's mother nature's agility!

    the littlest one has lighter legs- thats curious...
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  • MnVMnV
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    Must be the panther DNA in them. Very cool.
  • aykayk
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    The smallest dog looks to be a dark black/tan. Maybe some Shiba in it?

    I've heard of stories where dogs climb a more vertical tree by hugging it.
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    Aww look how proud that last guy was!

    That little one does look like a Shiba. That's not a Kai tail.
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    Wow look at that. Next thing you know they are climbing up a post fence somewhere in new mexico
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    ha ha or a 48" expen in my dining room.
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    Very interesting training approach.

    I think the small one is part Shiba, if not all Shiba.

    My sister has a German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who used to climb trees to get tennis balls. (In her younger days- she is now too old to do it). The tree climbing comes from the RR side. RRs were used to lion hunt.
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    LOVE it! ~
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    hahaha I love that the last treat is a piece of sushi! I'd climb a tree for sushi too!
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    Wow! Awesome! :D
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    Here is mine climbing a tree. Not too shabby.

  • My female climbed a Palm Tree to get a squirrel. I was totally dumbfounded. I just sat with my dad and watched her.
  • Kais <3. OT, does someone know why many Japanese Kais has these bells in their collar?
  • I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I suspect bells on a dog's collar are probably either bear bells (to warn bears of the dog's approach and keep them away) or just so owners can keep tabs on them in the woods.
  • They are called "Ninja Dogs"... maybe the bells are so that your Kai Ken cannot sneak up on you. :o)
  • Koda needs bells. He sneaks up on me and stalks my butt. Then he nips it and runs in circles because he thinks it's hilariousl to nip my butt. He is a ninja butt nipper!
  • I had an Elkhound who could climb a ladder....I suspect she could climb a tree too, but it was the ladder that got her attention, as people were up on the roof, and she didn't want to be left out!
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