Shiba Cuteness!!!

  • =(^-^)= / ) Hello everyone!

    As you may know, I don't own a Shiba. However, these photos I have on this account profile and my icon is of a puppy that I REALLY wanted back in May of 2005. He was at some pet store (the Ma and Pa kind). AKC registered puppy and the mom apparently had her AKC Championship (I met the owners). Strange arrangement they had set up there. He was only $800! So tempting, but as you can see...I never got him -frowns-. 

    Anyways...I attend Shiba gatherings and BSA events. I'm currently working on getting to the point where I can show and train Shibas for people. This way I can have my fix without ever having to get a puppy of my own. I'm basically a supporter of the Shibas!

    I'm FORCING myself to not get a Shiba. I keep telling myself they don't have the kind of qualities I would like to see in my dog (lies, I tell you...lies) and I am, lol. They are just so hard to resist! Brad and Jen? When am I to get my Shiba rescue to foster? -grins-

  • Well, Jen is working on it - she is filling out the non-prof docs now... There are a LOT of forms involved with the process. Once the rescue is up and running we will mos def be turning to the forums for support - like advise and stuff. If people want to help out as well that would be GREAT. :c)

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  • I wanna be a part of it!!  I applied for the shiba rescue but they never responded and I cant find anything to volunteer with in GA!
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  • Yea, as far as I can tell, there is no Shiba rescue in GA - that is kinda why the whole thought came up. We will mos def need help when we get it going.


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