Working dog evaluation
  • Hondru_Hondru_
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    Anyone ever try the PAWS evaluation on their shikoku?  I'd be interested to know how your pups would do!

  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    Here's Ronan's results:



    Test 1: EX



    Depends, Ronan will do any of the top 3, depending on value of toy. Some he'll immediately bring back, others he wants all to himself.



    EX always, always, always. Maybe relentless is a better term for Ronan. It's why he's called the Ronanator. He will NOT stop. He will NOT give up.



    EX This is Ronan's favorite game.



    EX Ronan will do any of those listed in EX, again, actions depend on the value of the toy.



    Hmmm. They didn't mention if I still have one of his favorite toys or not. If I do, the answer is EX. If the value is high, Ronan will jump up on me without fail. If I don't have anything of interest, Ronan will usually flat out ignore me.



    EX - IF I have a high value toy. He won't cock his head though. He'll bark or do all tricks and obedience things he's been taught to illicit me in giving up the prize. 



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  • ddowdemersddowdemers
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     Tenji scored excellent in prey, retrieve, hunt, tug  and in possessiveness he is excellent in regripping and trying to re-engage.  He could be excellent on recall but it depends entirely on where and what Turk is doing. He is also easily distracted but I attribute that to his adolescence.Undecided   It would be interesting to try this test again in about 9 months.

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  • ShikokuSpiritShikokuSpirit
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    This is EXACTLY the kind of test I did when assessing the Shikoku to see if the breed would suit my lifestyle. And obviously they passed! 

    I would be interested to know too any changes from adolescence to adult. In 9 months My unborn Shikoku puppy should be around a year of age by then too.

    I'm hoping to see in my puppy:

    - Excellent Prey Drive (crazy excitied; almost bursting with energy; high pitch barks; difficult to restrain)

    - Excellent Persistence (pushy, pushy, pushy!)

    - Excellent Tug Response ("Oh a toy!" -clamp- "I'm gonna steal it from you!")

    - Excellent Possessiveness ("Mine!" hopefully will run around with or carry it)

    ~~~> I would also like to see some resilence.

    [-giggles- I did this test using a rope tug on Retsu (Katja dog) and what does she do? She grabs it and then flings it into the air. Picks it up and shakes it. There was a bit of chewing and then she dropped it (I think something had distracted her as she turned her attention somewhere else). It was SO cute though! I loved the flingingness - THAT'S not anywhere on the test, lol.]

    Though it'd be great to have everything else just as "natural", I know that may not always be possible. Especially since I don't know if I will have more then 1 male to choose from or if I'll have my pick from mutiple litters (maybe I won't have a choice? I just have to trust my breeder; he knows what I want). Everything else can be worked upon through training and building the dog up for these behaviors/responses anyways though. Either way, I believe I will get a great dog, tis' just going to be a matter of how to raise and train him.

    Anyone else going to take this test?


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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    We plan to try the test this weekend - we have been waiting for the landscapers to come and cut our grass. [we are lazy]  Embarassed

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  • Michelle MMichelle M
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    Oh Corina...


    I have no doubt the Shikoku is the PERFECT dog for you. Perfect, perfect, perfect. 


    Did I mention perfect? 

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  • Hondru_Hondru_
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    Sounds like they'll be perfect for me, too.  I have a lot of jobs for my shikoku planned!
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I think they are perfect for both of you - you both seem to have the breed's best interest in mind and obviously have a good deal of experience with 'working' breeds. You guys just need to hurry up and get one.

    We planned to do the test this weekend but it rained all weekend - sucked. I'm sick of the rain.

    Rain + Dogs = sucks


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