[Photo Spam] Akiyama no Roushya "Litter 4" - Toutarou x Fionna
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    I realize I haven't really updated the forum on my Kishu AT ALL, lately, so I figured I'd take some time to introduce my latest litter.

    This if Fionna's second litter, and her second litter to Toutarou, a repeat of last year's pups, who turned out better than I could have hoped for in temperament and personality. I thought it would be worthwhile to repeat the litter to reproduce that baseline temperament and some of those personalities.

    We had a kind of wild pregnancy and only one tie (I normally hope for two). The tie resulted in 3 pups seen on ultrasound about halfway through the pregnancy, and 1 of those pups had a clearly fatal birth defect (the heart was developing outside of the body cavity). We went in for follow-up xrays and ultrasound about 3 or 4 days before the puppies were born, and happily found that the puppy with the deformity had been reabsorbed and only the 2 healthy puppies remained.

    The birth was quick and relatively easy. Fionna went into hard labor early in the morning and had her pups before noon.

    We wound up with:
    Akiyama no Roushya Ryoumaru go ("Stout"), sesame male
    Akiyama no Roushya Karinohime go ("Ada"), white female

    Here's a couple photos from their 5th week picture party. Both pups already have homes in Washington state, as active companions. Stout's owner is a current Kishu owner (she actually owns Fionna's full brother)! Ada's owner currently has a Shiba Inu, and was looking for a more active companion.

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    I love Stout's name! :) Thats excellent!
    and Ada has a great shape -I know nothing about Kishu specifically, as you know, but she seems substantial and powerful. I like her head a lot.
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    I think I prefer Ada's expression and build to Stout's. I think she has a fiercer or tighter expression? And like you said @wrylybrindle - more substance. I am excited to see how she matures. Her muzzle is thicker than Stout's, and I think that is one issue with my kennel so far-- snipey muzzles/snouts. :/

    I do like the overall shape of Stout's head, and I like the thickness of his ear leather.

    Interesting to me is that these guys really don't look like carbon copies of last litter's pups. They look obviously relates, but inherited such different combo of traits.
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    Gorgeous pups! I saw you mention you were disappointed with Stout's pigment on ig as well. If you don't mind could you explain why you prefer Ada's conformation to his? I'd like to improve my kishu eye type. :)
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    @koujichan - To my eye (and to start with the eye), Ada's eye shape is a bit tighter than Stout's. Stout has his mother's rounded eye, while Ada has her sire's more appropriate eye shape with the bottom lid straighter, giving the eye the appearance of a triangle.

    Stout's muzzle also tapers toward the nose, and is not as blunted or thick as his sister's, which makes him apoear somewhat "snipey" right now. Not my preference.

    I like Ada's shoulder angulation a little more right now. Both parents have straight shoulders so I wasn't expecting gold here, but Ada's are somewhat more angulated, like her mother, while Stout's look straight up and down like dad.

    So it isn't a lot of observations uet. They are still young and stuff like expression and shoulders can change a little...

    I will take thwir 6 week photoshoot today and post up, and try for more appropriate stacks to get their conformation to show a little better.
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    They are so cute! I love Ada's head.
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