Heart Set on a Shikoku
  • So, I've been looking into this breed for quite some time and this Sunday my husband and I finally got to meet some real life Shikokus! We visited Oikon Kennels now in NC and we were very happy finally meeting the breed. My husband and I are now actively seeking ownership and we really feel like we are ready. We saw some of her most recent litter and they were adorable and still in the potato stage of puppy. Their mama was a very gracious ambassador for the breed and came straight to me after finishing feeding her babies so she could get some nice behind the ear scratches. Shikoku are even more regal in person than in pictures. We are very excited to start this new journey! We really feel like 3 dogs is the perfect number of dogs for us, and getting them all when they are young so they can all grow attached seems the best way to do it. How did the actual process of getting a Shikoku go for you guys? I know for some people its up to a 2 year wait, and for others it only took a few months. Some shikoku even have to travel many miles before they meet their owners! Feel free to tell me your puppy adoption stories!
  • Peggy and Bob are some of the nicest people you will meet! They have done a lot to select for improved temperament in their beautiful shikoku. Peggy and Bob came by my place with 7 puppies on a road trip once- Shikoku Puppy flash Mob!- and what sweeties they were (except for one which they nicknamed El Diablo- Peggy and Bob know what they have and are honest and stand by those dogs.) You'll do very well with their program!
  • @WrylyBrindle I definitely agree! All of the pups we met were very awesome dogs that would work great with our active lifestyle. Peggy was super nice! We didn't get to meet her husband unfortunately. But, their home in NC is also very beautiful! I know the dogs enjoy it! We are very excited to work with them hopefully.
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    Kiyoshi's litter is due in 2 weeks I think. I don't know if her pups are all spoken for though.

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  • Yeah we talked about that. It really depends on how many she has as she's known to have large litters.
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    All 3 of our Shikoku are from Peggy and Bob. We love them to death, they are amazing family members all with very different personalities. Raising 3 at the same time would be very tough. I don't ever recommend taking home pups from the same litter either. We got all 3 of ours at different points in time. Katsu was first we got close to 5 months old, Miyuki we got second at 8 weeks old. She was about a full year apart from katsu. Shou we got recently about 3 almost 4 months ago via rescue so it was all very well spaced out and properly handled. IMO you should either do the same or find other shikoku from other breeders that are just as active as peggy. Corina, and katja also breed frequently and i think corina is planning a breeding as well... I think she's just waiting on dogs to go into heat, she has males planned already.
  • @jigzzor Oh you misunderstand! We already have 2 dogs! Kuma was a year old in June, Nanook is over 8 months old, and now we want to add our third. They are all relatively young and have their whole lives ahead of them to grow together and learn together. Kuma would be a year and a few months older, Nanook would be 8 months older, and so on. Kuma is a shiba inu and Nanook is an Alaskan Klee Kai. I wouldn't be buying 3 shikoku puppies at once! That would be tough!
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    I loved dealing with Peggy! She's amazing!. When we decided to get a 2nd Shikoku, we will be getting him from Peggy!
  • @MBeats Is Peggy where you got your first one?
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    TK is from Bob and Peggy. I am his second home, but they still took the time to meet with me and meet TK after I got him. I really like them. Very nice people.
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    I absolutely love love love my Shikoku. They are easier than my Shiba in some ways and harder in another. Kaiju and Kurenai (Kiyoshi) are sharp, headstrong, and relentless in their line when they've fixated on something they want. However, as mine has gotten older, she's been an absolute love slut (after 2 years).

    As I've told many a prospective Shikoku owner who Corina has sent my way to meet my pack. "Shikoku are assholes, but if you're willing to live with 2 years of hell, it's worth it."

    I believe Mikimoto is daughter of Kiyoshi, who is daughter of my Kurenai. Kiyoshi's current litter is with male Kiyoshi, who is brother of my Kurama.

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  • @CrimsonO2 Yes! I saw the litter announcement on the Kyoshi facebook page. Very excited to see the Kyoshi x Kyoshi pairing and how it will turn out. They're going to be great! Ah yes, the teenage years as I like to think of them. Some dogs are totally fine, and other dogs can be absolute crazies just like I was when I was a teenager. But, to me, 2 years in comparison to 10 plus years of happiness is always worth it. I actually quite like how Shikoku age. You don't see a lot of senior Shikoku but I found an instagram with a few. They definitely age in a way that makes them look wise and I quite like it. I could definitely see my shiba aging in such a way that he looks like your typical round old shiba. I like to think Shibas age like kings, young and dashing to round and happy. Everyone has regrettable teenage stages though, dogs being no exclusion. Thanks :)
  • @Crispy I agree! Extremely kind people to take the time out of their busy schedules to meet with us and talk about the breed.
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    @brennamwk yeah we have a much more unique story of how we got Kanji, but yes Kanji is from Peggy.
  • @MBeats I'd love to hear it if you don't mind! Its funny how some people, or dogs, fall into our life at just the right time and they become so important to us.

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