What traits has your dog inherited?

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I was having a chat with @zandrame and wanted to open this as a broader discussion.
We've debated nature vs. nuture in past -- we know genetics influence our dogs' appearance, temperament, etc. (There are some great threads!) But let's chat about the details!

What specific traits do you think your dog's have inherited from their parents vs. learned behaviors? How does this differ from the "typical" traits of your dog's respective breeds?

For example -
Traits I consider Takeo to have inherited: he is a fairly impatient shikoku. He's very vocal as well with shikoku-talking (grunts and whines) and barking. I don't recall if all shikoku are this way, but these are all traits I know he has inherited from his mom.
Learned behaviors: He barks like a madman when he wants to play - but he's learned that from my shiba and took it to a whole new level. Grayson has also taught him to kick after he pees, but Takeo will do this EVERY single time he pees...

People tend to describe a breed a whole but there are so many nuances, I'm guessing influenced by both inherited/learned behaviors. What's everyone's experience been like?


  • This is quite a funny quirk.
    My Kai Ken, Oliver, seems to have inherited his mother's bounciness. He (and his sister) just spring up into the air. He doesn't jump over fences, but he does give you a welcome home with all four paws at eye level. He also does it in the ring. His mother does it too, just springs in the air. Seems like a weird behavioural trait to inherit, but gee whiz he did.
  • Kouda (Shiba) - Got his resource guarding from his mom. :(
    His ball and fetch drive from his dad. I've been told he looks like he has the body of his mother with his father's head.

    Mayaa (Kai) - Outgoing temperament from dad. Don't know where she got the crazy intense prey drive! I think she got her beefiness from mom.

    Taiki (Shikoku) - I know his ancestors as individuals better. He got his voice from his mom (whining, barking), and his people caution. From his dad he got his affectionate lean that he does for scritches, his thirst for water (he drinks and pees a lot!), and love of the ladies. From his paternal grandmother he got his mohawk and morning barfs, and grandfather the humpiness!
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