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It has been a LONG time since I've been here (Feb 2011, to be exact). I last posted when I adopted my sweet Akita girl, Keiko from the shelter. Sadly, just 3 months ago (less than 6-yrs later), we have lost her to cancer. Since she was a rescue, we're not sure how old she was but the vet guessed between 10-12 yrs old when she passed. It is the worst part of pet ownership :( She was the best dog I have E.V.E.R. had and I miss her VERY much. I wonder if I will say that with every dog that comes into my life.
I am once again looking for another companion and considering a smaller Japanese breed. I am considering a Shiba, since I've heard they are a lot like the Akita but my husband would like a bigger dog. We both love the Kai Ken but since they are so rare, I don't know how to go about getting one and how much they cost. We live in South Carolina, so I assume we will have to travel to get one. Does anyone know who would be the closest breeder? If anyone has one available? Also, we are very much open to adopting an adult as well. We are a one-dog-household, so we won't have "integrating" issues. (and we have teenage & adult children, no young kids).
Any kind of direction would be helpful.
- Oh! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jennifer Warren


  • Welcome back, sorry to hear about your loss :(

    Here's an older link that lists the Kai Ken breeders in the US.


    Also, @WrylyBrindle is building up a new Kai Ken kennel, but it will be awhile until she's having a litter I'm assuming.

    @BradA1878 runs Yamabushi Kennel and could give you further information also. I know recently he was in the process of re-homing several of his adult Kishu-Ken so that might be something you could discuss with him also.

    Best of luck in your family's search for your next companion :)
  • Suteishii Kennel is closest to you, and a very good breeder! Stacey is in Ohio.

    I'm just getting started, my male is well established but my female is only 3 months old, so nothing doing till she is old enough and has some credentials. Fall 2019 or warm months of 2020. Thanks for thinking of me, Trey!
  • WrylyBrindle -- Where are you located? Sounds exciting with your new Kai Ken kennel! It looks like the Ohio and Michigan are the closest to the east coast. It's a shame there is no one in the Southeast. Lots of Akita and Shiba breeders though!

    Thank you, Trey, for the link to the Breeder list! I was able to contact Marion at Classy Kennel in Michigan. I'm hoping something will work out with us. ;)
  • Im in Vermont.

    Do your research on Classy Kennel. If Michigan is a state you'd consider, look at Mijikai Kennel as well.
  • OMG! Where are you in Vermont? I was born/raised there and bought my first Akita from Akiko Akita's in MA. That is so neat that you are up there!
    I have tried to contact Mijakai Kennel through FB but have not received a reply -- maybe because it is Christmas holiday?
  • Im in Landgrove- right near the ski resorts, Bromley, Magic, Stratton, Okemo! :)

  • Nice! I grew up in Montpelier - I used to ski at Stowe, Sugarbush & Mad River. It's beautiful up there but TERRIBLY cold. I'm loving South Carolina! We've got the mountains, the ocean, and only mild season changes. But no snow, which is okay for me :)
  • yeah... It was -12°F this morning :(
    so I hear you!

    My sister lived in SC for a couple years, she is in Charlotte NC now, and she loves both Carolinas.

    I think to live here you have to really love winter, and love it every year. I don't know how people would do it if they didn't love skiing, snowshoeing, stacking firewood :) ... At some point I will become less enthusiastic, I guess. For now I still love it all!
  • Sorry for your loss. Just chipping in — consider a Hokkaido! They’re very sociable dogs and great outdoor companions.

    Also in case you are unaware, the Japanese Akita is significantly smaller than the American Akita. Your looking at 50-55 lbs for a female for example, and 70-75 lbs for a male.
  • Classy Kennel in Michigan was recently shut down, so you most likely won't hear a reply from them. Shōga Kensha is a pretty new breeder in Michigan that you might want to check out. I've also heard good things about Mijikai Kennel (also in Michigan).

    And like Claire said, do check out the Hokkaido! They are great dogs with many similarities to the Kai. They range from about 18-20" shoulder height and around 35-50lbs, so larger than a Shiba but still smaller than an Akita.
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