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Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I was last in the forums, so I doubt anyone much remembers me. I sort of fell off the face of the earth after a series of personal life events meant that my life went a bit haywire last year. I come back to you all with some questions.

My dog, Kuma, turned two as of October this year. I think he has a great disposition and is a beautiful dog, and based on the number of compliments I get from strangers regarding him, I think most people agree. I've kept him in tact all this time because it's always been my hope since I got him that I would be able to breed him.I believe (but am not entirely certain) that two is a perfectly acceptable age to begin thinking about such things.

However, before I even get that far I know that there are preminary steps to undertake before I get serious about it, the first being to get him checked out medically to make sure that he's passing along good inner and outer traits. Specifically, I know that I should get x rays done for his hips (to check for any possible hip dysplasia), but I was hoping to find out from those of you who have experience with breeding dogs, what other sorts of tests should I be planning on looking into? Also, did you get the tests done by your regular vet, or did you go to someone who specializes in these things? I know that not all vets approve of breeding, and there's additional stigma/concern regarding backyard breeders and the like, so I am not entirely sure what to expect.


  • One of the breeders on the forum can probably give better advice, but if Kuma is a Shikoku, I believe hips, knees, and eyes are standard. Also since you have a male, you need to prove to other breeders that your dog is worthy of being a stud. Heath checks are just a minimum. If he passes those and you are serious, I highly recommend you put a CGC on him and also take him to a few shows to get an unbiased assessment of his temperment and conformation.
  • Thank you for your response, Ajax! Yes, sorry, Kuma is a Shikoku. I meant to include that but for some reason my phone and the forum kept fighting me over the word every time I typed it by spitting the cursor back behind the word and the post kept getting jumbled.

    I know very little about showing although at least I've been to a couple in Japan and watched a number on TV. If anyone has experience in how to get involved with that, I'd be interested in knowing, especially if you have had to travel out of state for it. Kuma actually does fairly well with cars and car trips, but because I live in Texas I imagine I'd have to go somewhere fairly distant for such a thing. Also... I know that Shikoku are not recognized by the AKC, so what are my options there?

    I'll have to do some research to try to find out more about CGC (I assume you're referring to the AKC's Canine Good Citizen, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) training / testing particularly in my area. He's had obedience courses as a puppy but I think he and I could both use more practice and training on a couple of areas. Has anyone had difficulties and/or positive experiences getting their Shikoku CGC certified?
  • Nice to see you back here @Ilium
    Any new pictures of Kuma?
  • Hi @TheWalrus! I do have a few handy though not much. I think I might have cleared some off my phone recently, plus I took some really grainy vids recently instead of photos... but here's a handful!

    Kuma Pictures:

    He has his dad's coat but I swear he takes after his mom's build.
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