• So I realized that I never made a thread/post since getting Raiden back in November of this year. If you're in the Kishu Group on Facebook then you've already seen these pictures and know about him.

    Raiden came from CJ's latest litter with Nami & Cuchulainn. He's definitely a pretty vocal pup and takes after his father in that regard. At 7 months old, Raiden is 45 pounds.

    Overall he's been a pretty easy dog to handle. We're continually working on obedience, and hopefully he'll be able to continue developing into a boar hunter for me. A month ago he got his first action on a boar that I had already dispatched. After watching my other two dogs continue tugging on the carcass he got into the swing of things and wanted in on the action also. I've used that hide for tracking and for upping his prey drive since then. He goes crazy for the boar hide now and really really loves it. Very vocal and gets angry when it's time for the boar hide to "escape."

    I think he's still too little and green for me to really take him out on a full-blown hunt, and his recall is nowhere near where I need it to be to have him off leash and roaming yet. I think all of that will come with age though.

    I'll probably try to trap a younger boar soon to let him get some more one on one time with something that won't be a bad experience for him.

    Anyway this is the latest edition to my pack and I just wanted to share him and what he's been up to so far with you guys :)


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  • He's beautiful! and Hooray for another hunter with NK! I hunt grouse and do blood tracking for deer recovery with my Kai. Obviously there's Gen and Shigeru, and there's a Kishu in europe as well who boar hunts a lot. I know I'm forgetting some, but there's not very many- more Kishu than the others. I can't wait to hear more about your training and hunts and his development as you go. :)
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    He's looking great! I can't believe how large this litter has turned out to be. Even little Yuki is a good deal bigger than Nami now, it seems!

    Raiden had a good recall before he left me, so I'm sure he'll come through for you. Certainly more like his mother (attentive to me) than his father (everything is better than me) when he was younger!

    Good luck with him! I'll be interested to know how he turns out on boar.
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  • He's gorgeous! I'm so happy to see NK hunting outside of Japan.
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  • Thanks guys! We're currently in Italy until probably October of this year then we'll be moving back to the states. I plan on doing a lot more hunting and development once I get back since the laws here in Italy make hunting more expensive and difficult.

    @Crispy do you know how much Yuki weighs so far? I need to see where Raiden is measuring at the withers. He's decently tall though.

    @WrylyBrindle are you going to be training the new puppy to hunt with you guys? I wasn't sure if you had written how she was with drive or not on any of your posts :)
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    @TreySmith417 - Yuki was 30 pounds, last time I was updated (maybe 2 weeks ago!)
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  • He's stunning, the agouti is just beautiful. How is he with your akita girl?

    I'd love to see a thread about your hunting progress with Raiden! I want to hunt with my NK in the future but for now I'm learning as much as I can.
  • @Koujichan thanks! Raiden does pretty well with my Akita. She’s a pretty confident dominant female so Raiden gives her space, doesn’t bark/growl when playing with her, and is overall polite and she lets him do whatever really. He just knows her boundaries now and they get along great. They had one little spat their first month together, that I just caught the aftermath from, and since then they’ve been great together.

    I’m currently working on some more detailed write ups about hunting with Kishu Ken going off of everything I’ve learned from experience and from the vast knowledge Shigeru and Gen have shared with me and online.

    I’ve heard jokes from big game hunters that people who hunt with dogs enjoy dogs more than just hunting. I definitely enjoy hunting with my pups and don’t take it as an insult when I hear that.

    My Akita girl is actually a really good catch dog too, she has a lot of power and typically picks a decent spot (usually an ear) on the boar to hold. My male dog Otis, a Curr/Malinios mix, just picks the first spot he can and goes for it. The last boar he picked the top of the snout.
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    @koujichan - Raiden is actually sable (as crazy as that sounds!) His parents are Ay/Ay and Ay/aw. He's likely Ay/aw, like his mother. ;)

    Kishu colors are weird. Tho I think his color is quite nice and even as he grows! Especially compared to what I thought the pups from this litter would turn out like... he's a handsome guy.
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  • @Crispy

    Oops.. Goes to show how much I know about kishu colours LOL. Is sable different than sesame?
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    Literally cu in sesame :D it's amazing
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    @koujichan - He is sesame. :) Sesame can be a genetic sable or an agouti, depends on the amount of black hair growth. Red is only ever sable, though.
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  • @TreySmith417 I don't think I will train her for hunting- not beyond a little instinct testing with grouse wings and trying blood tracks a little for fun. I can't really hunt 3 dogs all fall to everyone's satisfaction. Hunting is something I like to do on impulse on a nice afternoon- just grab Juno and the shotgun and go out for a few hours because I feel like it. I have that now (x2) so what I'd like for Tamaki is to just be a great companion, hiking and out in the world with me, and be a happy dog while I write and paint too. I think she will excel at that.

    She loves to chase, is very responsive and food-motivated and already fetches, and she also likes to use her nose. She has a natural persistence that I like a lot in a hunting dog. If we had such things as nosework around here, I'd do that with her. It all makes her fun to train and play with.

    If I am honest, I also feel rather protective of her as she is projected to be my foundation breeding female, and I have had so many adventures and risks with my other dogs that I have become a bit conservative in the past year and am feeling rather risk averse. We've been through alerting to bears and moose, chasing geese >:( , extracting stuck dogs and myself from mud flats, postholing through ice, porcupines, beavers, giardia. That was fun and all, but Im feeling like the wisdom gained by me and the older dogs is high and plenty now and they can do that with me while she stays on leash. :)

    Tamaki can be an artist's dog, a hiker, and hopefully a mother in time.
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