Anyone fly with their 8 week old Shikoku in the cabin with them?

I might have misjudged the size of an 8 week old Shikoku but I was hoping that I would be able to fly with my female, Shikoku pup in the cabin. Has anyone done this? Is this possible? If so, what size crate should I get? I just recently saw a video that made an 8 week old puppy look too big for the cabin. :( I'm hoping this is not the case.




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    We've had male JA puppies fly in cabin at 8 weeks (but just *barely* -- technically too big but they're not very good at knowing the rules) so I think a Shikoku could. Also flown a female puppy at 10.5 and 11 weeks in cabin.

    There's only one "size" crate for in cabin. I think most people use the sherpa brand but any works.
  • Airlines will have their own specific regulations. Technically pretty much all the Nihon Ken other than Shiba pups at 2 months are heading toward the limits of regulations. Like @PoetikDragon said, staff are not always that aware of the regulations so you can get away with stuff sometimes, but best not to count on it.
    Your airline will have crate dimensions for cabin on their website (usually). Soft crates are the usually the go.
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    Hmmm ok thanks....this would be a flight from BC to Toronto. I'll have to figure this out. Thanks again!
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    Just wanted to say I had good experiences with the sturdibag size large or xl. Mine is xl, which is technically a few inches too tall for the height dimensions listed on most airlines, but it compresses easily under the seat so most airlines allow it. My 1 year old shiba is 20 lbs and loves the thing haha, it's his favorite napping place. The xl is a little clumsy in cabin though, it's probably the largest bag that's usually allowed in cabin... so if the size large would also fit your pup, it might be easier to maneuver around the narrow aisles and stuff.
  • Your 20lb Shiba fits in the cabin area??? Oooh I have hope then! Good to know! Thanks :).
  • I brought an 8-week old male Shikoku home with me a few years ago on a plane from Amsterdam (Kasatori Sou Kennel) to Boston, and had no problems. Puppy was in a soft-sided sherpa which worked well. If rules haven't changes since then, you should be fine. Of course, double check with whatever airline you are flying with.
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    Ok! Yes, this is very positive! I'm early in the planning stages....if everything is smooth I plan to pick her up in June. So excited! Did you feed while on flight? Or sneak the pup to go potty?
  • I guess I don't remember all of the details anymore, but I just played it by ear and everything was fine. Some whining is inevitable, so be ready to stick your hand into the sherpa to calm down your puppy or let him stick his head out to see what is going on. Puppy is supposed to stay in the sherpa during the flight, but people don't mind seeing a cute puppy head protruding from the sherpa! Normally feeding would not be necessary, but having water available is a good idea. If the opportunity arises, by all means take the pup out of the sherpa to go potty or just let her stretch her legs when waiting at the gate etc. But don't worry, pet travel is so commonplace these days.
  • Ok :) I'm so excited and worried haha. I hope everything goes smooth. Thanks for all your tips and advice!
  • I've been traveling quite a bit last year... I my mind was blown that there are "restrooms" for dogs inside airports.
  • @Shibafox, Kiyomi was in a Sherpa soft sided crate from Seattle WA to San Jose CA.
    No problems. She slept during the flight (2 hours). Probably would not feed your pup for at least a couple of hours before the flight as it may wind up puking. Motion sickness seems to be quite common with young Shikoku.
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    Thank you! I got the medium Sherpa soft crate. Hopefully she'll be fine in there. The flight will be 5 hours :/. Hopefully she won't get motion sickness. Im still waiting to hear if everything is a go so it's all preventive for now. Very excited! :).
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