Japanese Akita and purple tongue
  • Some japanese akitas, though rarely, have black or purple spots on tongue. Is it generated by ancient crossbreeding with chow chow, or is it another kind of problem?
  • No, it doesn't come from cross breeding with Chow Chows. Its not "another kind of problem" either... its just an undesired marking, not a 'problem.' Anyway, it is an inherant part of the Nihon Ken gene pool, though you see it more on brindle dogs. Thus many Kai have tongue spots.

    There's a post about it on AKC's site:
    「怪獣荘秋田犬」Kaiju Kennels Japanese Akita and Hokkaido, Claire Matthews
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  • So the black spots or marking on Akitas tongues are an undesirable trait? Both of my AA's have had those. I love the liver spots that used to be common on the AA'S, especially the legs. They both also have black spots on their feet.
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  • Thanks @PoetikDragon! Now it is clear for me! In Italy the purple/black spots on akita's tongue are defects of disqualification in expo and I was curious to know it. Thanks!
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    My Kai Ken has no tongue spots, however my GSD has 3 tongue spots!
  • My Kai Ken's tongue is almost completely black. The NIPPO judge told me it was not a strike against him, but to not double up on that and "find him a girlfriend with a pink tongue"... :)
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    If only they weren't half siblings.. :P
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    In NIPPO tongue spotting has long been seen as being a result of past cross breeding, which is why it is not preferred in the Nihon Ken. Since most Kai have it, it is allowed to a certain degree (vaguely not more than half the tongue). In NIPPO, a marking up to the size of the tip of a pinkie (or thereabouts) is allowed without point deduction. Anything larger is a fault. Many Hokkaido have tongue spots as well.
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    My shiba had a quarter-sized spot on his tongue, too.
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  • KKA doesn't mind a dark tongue, though, does it, Shigeru? @TheWalrus
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    @WrylyBrindle KKA is okay with spots, but more than half the tongue shouldn't be black

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