Eating grass
  • takumi2takumi2
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    My 7 year old male shiba likes to eat grass when walking. Not all the grass, he has some preference.
    Some people say they do it when they have stomach problems (?).......
    Seems all comes out when he poops tho... lol
    Just wondering if it is ok to let him do it.
  • emi802emi802
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    A lot of Shikoku eat grass too. There was a thread/video about it recently on Facebook. Some dogs do it when their stomaches hurt, while others just love eating grass. Some throw it up. Others poop it out. My pup also poops it out when he eats it.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 85
    I guess it's ok to let him eat it then.
  • poineapoinea
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    My Shiba eats grass all the time while walking. Usually after she's done her business and doesn't have to focus on finding a spot. She prefers the Crab Grass over normal thin pretty nice grass.... I tell her all the time that she isn't fooling us that she prefers to eat salad. :)
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  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 85
    yea, my takumi is not interested in eating vegetables that we human beings eat either....
  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    Rollo loves to eat the lettuce that we have growing on our balcony. That and bark mulch. Not quite as interested in grass, but I have to keep him away from mulch. He loves that stuff!
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  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    Yeah- no mulch! Especially cocoa mulch- they'll get really sick if they eat that.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 85
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  • Mr Bear only ate grass when he wanted to vomit, he would only choose one type it was a single strand variety.

    Ms Yoko will only eat the same variety but will graze on it when she finds a nice patch of it. But I don't think she has eaten it to make herself sick must just like it.
  • Kira bites at the grass all the time. I'm glad someone asked this question because I was wondering the same thing.

    I still can't get over how peaceful she is. She RARELY EVER BARKS.

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