Can you be a Breeder without a Female?
  • StorminuStorminu
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    Hello all! Yes I know that is quite a strange title for a discussion thread, but I wasn't quite sure what else to call out. I also apologize if this has already been answered and I just overlooked it.

    Anyway to the question! I was wondering if you could possibly just have Stud Dogs and still be considered a breeder? Now I'll explain a little further. I'm soon to own my first Nihon Ken, a Shiba that may or may not be a Show Prospect. Once I show him depending of course on health checks and such I would of course have a stud dog available.

    Now I'm new to the whole breeding world in general since most of my pets my parents bought and my own dog is my great little mutt who will never breed no matter how many people want him too. (Funny enough I've gotten a lot of offers to breed him even when I explain he's a mix). Truthfully I'm not ready to start even considering getting my own bitch to breed with a dog due to many things such as housing, financial costs and the fact that I'm still in school trying to get a degree. However I'd still love to help out with conserving the Nihon Kens so would just owning Studs be a reasonable idea or is it something frowned upon by other breeders?

    Thanks for the answers!
  • aykayk
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    The default on some pedigree papers is owner or co-owners of the dam is the breeder.

    So though you might not physically have a female, if you co-own or if the other owners doesn't mind having your name on his/her dog, then it's possible.

    That's the technicality.

    But you can still help out other breeders by having males, and no, it's not frowned upon at all. Quite welcomed actually by the majority.
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    You can keep a stud dog in partnership with your dog's breeder. I do that with my Kai, and there's a lot to know and be aware of. Relationship with your breeder and understanding their program and the other breeders they cooperate with is critical. You can't do it in a vacuum. Additionally, you need to be able to read people with females who may come knocking and work with your breeder to choose right.

    I recently had a fast-talking guy inquire after my male's services but a little talking with him revealed an alarming difference in appreciation, understanding of the breed and ethical values. Talking with my mentor breeders helped me feel sure that I did right to listen to my gut and tell the guy no. As tempting as it may seem to collect your stud fee, you need to be mindful of the breed goals and making sure your dog's pups end up in knowledgable, loving homes- even as the stud owner who may never see the puppies. I would be extremely upset if his pups turned up on CL or in a shop somewhere. Know the breeding community and the people you trust. Your breeder is your best resource!