Carpal Pads - Hyperkeratosis?
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    Not sure which category to put this under, feel free to move it.

    The carpal pad is the highest pad on the dog's leg, on the inside of the wrist joint. It doesn't touch the ground while walking so it doesn't get worn down naturally. On my childhood dog and friends' dogs, this never seemed to be an issue. The carpal pad was no different than any other pad on the foot. However, a couple of my dogs seem to have longer "fringe" on their pads. I have noticed it but not thought about it until recently; I met a Shiba owner this past weekend whose Shibas had the same thing only more pronounced.


    Is this a problem? Is there anything I can do for it to wear down? I think it is skin or keratin so I don't want to cut it. Should I be treating it with anything like Bag Balm?

    Some googling has lead me to a condition called "hyperkeratosis" and some pictures that look similar, but it seems more severe than what my dogs have. The carpal pads don't look infected, swollen, discolored, or otherwise unhealthy - just not smooth. It doesn't affect the pads on the feet, the nose, or any other part of the body.

    Do any of your dogs have this, and is it common among Nihon Ken and/or Shibas and Akitas?
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    Kona's pads get this around the edges of a few of her toes, and that area too! I've been advised by my vet if she's not bothered by it, just leave it as it I think it's OK, but Id be curious to know if this is common amongst NK :)
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    It's common for a lot of breeds. I saw it when I was a groomer all the time, mostly on labs and beagles. The dogs never seemed to be bothered by it, but it can be strange looking. It can look like there's straw growing out of their pads!

    Also, a lot of dogs get that kind of thing on their noses as they get old... it's like little bumpy things. I asked a vet about it one time and they said it's just part of the aging process for some dogs.
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    Akuma the Kai had that and I just dremmeled it off. some have it, some don't.
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  • My shiba also has this. When I first saw it I was like "amagaaaad, it's distemper!!", later I realized it is probably due to the salting of the roads in winter that irritates the paws, causing it to become hyperkeratinized.
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    Tikaani (husky) gets that, I just trim it down with scissors once in a while and he doesn't seem to mind it.
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    My cat Loki had this in like a tuft or spike on the side of her main pad. When it got long I just trimmed it. Its like cutting hair- there's no blood or nerve in it.

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