Elevated Dog Beds

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Here is a video explaining one way to make an elevated dog bed, and two more videos by manufacturers from which you can figure out how to make theirs as well. All three are slightly different styles and approaches.

The No-Sew Method

The Channeled PVC Method (Kuranda)

The Sleeved Method (Rover Company)

I am in the process of making a pair of "no-sew" elevated beds. I prefer custom made, not only for the price ($10 materials vs $120 Kuranda!) but because I can customize the size to fit my crates and kennels. The beds I am making now are approximately 30" x 23" and they fill an Intermediate sized crate (36" x 23") while fitting snugly in the short end of a Giant sized crate (48" x 30"). However I haven't been able to find good fabric for this. I would like to use cordura or ballistic nylon, like the Kuranda beds are made from, but can't find a local store that carries it. I'm a little reluctant to order fabric online, I'd rather be able to see it in person and touch it before deciding. Anyway, here is my progress pic so far. The two types of fabric we have is an outdoor material and a 12oz denim.



  • Sweet! I've gotta make a couple of these.
  • neat!! thanks so much!
  • Is there an advantage to elevated beds? I've been looking for a new bed for Sansa and I keep seeing these.
  • Chew proof is the major benefit. It's also very easy to clean.

    Also, in warmer climates, it's cooler for the dogs than resting on foam beds or carpets. The dogs could rest on tile/concrete, but those surfaces tend to form callouses on the elbows.
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    I want to move to elevated beds for a few reasons:

    - They're all-weather with the right fabric; I don't have to worry about leaving it outside when it rains. A foam bed or stuffed pillow can get funky and mildew.

    - Cleaning the foam or pillow can be downright impossible; you may be able to put the outer covering in the wash, but eventually the stuffing deteriorates. I've restuffed all of my dog beds once before and it wasn't cheap.

    - I have one dog who likes to rip up beds and other dogs who like to "help" once a hole is started in any fabric or upholstery.

    - I have dogs who despite my best efforts rearrange each others' beds and then some dog ends up sleeping on the hard floor; I want something orthopedic that they can't bunch up in the corner.

    - The beds provide good air flow during hot weather and get the dog up off the ground during cold weather.

    - It's time to replace all of our beds again and building one of these is cheaper than buying a new bed of any type OR restuffing our existing pillow beds.
  • We use the Kuranda beds and they are awesome. My only concern with making them myself is that I don't know where I would buy the high quality cloth they use.
  • Raised beds are also better on the joints and are advised for use with dogs who are arthritic or have joint issues.
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    @Hinata23 google search for cordura. You can buy it online. I just haven't because I don't like to get fabric sight-unseen. I will see how the denim and outdoor canvas work out (they'll probably be fine). One yard makes two smallish beds like the one I posted a progress pic of.

    EDIT: Here are the first few results:
    - http://www.onlinefabricstore.net/performance/coated-and-uncoated-nylon-fabric/cordura-and-textured-nylon-fabric.htm?N=13564+4294963637
    - http://www.seattlefabrics.com/nylons.html#fc1
    - http://www.ahh.biz/cordura/
  • We finished the first prototype bed tonight. Gamera loves it! She ran up to it and jumped on and gave me a huge grin like she'd just completed a perfect gymnastic routine. I moved it into her crate and put a blanket and toys on it. She happily settled down on it with a bully stick. I think I did good. :)


    We bought some Never Wet to spray it down and protect it from moisture and stains tomorrow.
  • I am SOOOOO trying this!!! Thanks @poeticdragon for posting the how-to!!!
  • Here is the final step, coated with NeverWet. It's magic.

  • That stuff makes water look like the T-1000!
  • Awesome! I've been thinking of making one. Actually, I'd like to make a bunkbed style one, maybe even a triple bunkbed or even more, so the cats can sleep up there, too.
  • Got the second one made from denim tonight. Pros - thicker fabric easier to fold (I had to use pins on the other), keep straight, and screw down to the frame. It also looks more professional and feels nicer. Cons - it's stretchier than the other so I worry it might not stay drum tight after a while.
  • I wonder if there's heavy duty fusible interfacing you could use. I don't know how durable the regular stuff is. It's durable enough for clothes and purses.
  • That is so awesome! Where did you buy the corners?
  • Fabric came from JoAnns, all of the screws and PVC came from Lowes, and the NeverWet came from Home Depot (Lowes doesn't carry it).
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    I saw this post and decided to make one of the no-sew style ones last night. So glad i didn't buy a bed. Took maybe a half hour to put together. Hardest part was getting self-tapping screws started in a round pvc tube. Next time I make one I will just bring a drill bit home from work with me and get the holes started.
  • @oddball That's great! Do you have a photo of yours? :)
  • @poeticdragon. yeah. Is there a way to upload pics from facebook or do i have to open a tumblr or whatever account?
  • Us imageshack if you dont want an account with anyone
  • @oddball You can use pictures from Facebook; that's where most of mine are hosted. Open up the full image view and then right-click on the photo. Depending on your browser, you're looking for an option like "Copy image URL". You may have to open the image in a new tab and copy the url from the address bar. Then you can just insert it like so:

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    You used the page url instead of the image url which is why its broken. Try this:

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    EDIT: @oddball, just edit your post and copy/paste the above text and it will work.
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