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  • So I have contacted a breeder, been approved for a puppy but am slightly unsure of them. Reviews are few and far between, but some have a rather negative undertone. However, I do like them and think I could get a great puppy. I would be high up on waiting list if I make my deposit now, guarenteeing I would get a puppy in the summer.

    I have contacted another breeder who is top of the line. They have responded to me and were very knowledgable much like the other breeder. They also have planned litters but did not give me dates yet. I filled out the application they provide and sent it in a reply to their email with a few other questions but have not heard back yet. I have not spoken with them on the phone, just e-mails.

    I don't want to be rude, I know breeders are extremely busy and that it takes time to get back with people. I am just concerned I could miss out on a pup all together, especially the male I want. Should I wait for more information from the second breeder, or go with a deposit with the first?

    Since I don't have any experience with breeders, what would you recommend I do?
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    what is the breed?

    could you elaborate on the "negative undertone" part for the first breeder?

    why do you consider the second breeder "top of the line?"

    I would wait for the dog you want, even if that means waiting to hear back from the second breeder. If you can give more specific details, I can better help you decide.

    are you waiting for a pet or show quality pup?
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  • I'm waiting for a pet.

    I didn't give specifics because I don't want to upset anyone who might be on the forum and associated with either kennel. I can message you details, would appreciate your opinion.
  • I agree with @jellyfart. Find the breeder you trust and can build a lasting relationship with who shares the same ideals and goals as you. Wait for that breeder to produce a litter with a puppy that fits you. It may take a while. The pup may not be born in the next litter the breeder has. Puppies are not interchangeable, even within the same litter, nevermind from one breeder to the next. Patience will reward you, and impatience will leave you with regrets.
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  • Thanks to you both. I probably shouldn't have asked, I already knew the answer myself! Patience was never my best strength...
  • Hi @nrmorris , about a year ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I was looking for a very specific colour, breed and sex for my pet.

    At that time, in my country, there was only 1 breeder. And right away, I had my reservations. Anyways, my suspicions were confirmed and long story short, even though that breeder was the quickest, closest and easiest way to get a dog, it was not the best choice for me. Subsequently, I learned of dogs having serious health and behavourial problems from that kennel.

    A dog will become a part of your family, wouldn't you want to go with the best? It's been over a year now and I'm glad I made that decision. The wait sucks, but you'll hear from a lot of people that it takes a long time to get the dog that you want. :) Good luck!
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    I just messaged you back, but it looks like you knew the answer all along ;D
    Good luck and keep us posted!!! :)
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    I ready know who you're talking about based on the deposit. One of those breeders takes one and one does not.

    I went with the one that does not.
  • ttddinhttddinh
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    lol @tjbart17--ur such a sleuth! :P
  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    Not really. I've just owned a Kai for a few years. It's a small community. Lol
  • Thank you everyone. I will definately update you with what I decide to do.
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    The more options you have the better! I wouldn't make a deposits until you know as much as you can about both breeders and their dogs and feel totally comfortable with your decision. If a Kai is what you're waiting for, the best Kai ladies are resting this year... So you're missing out already ;) Patience! When it comes to rare breeds like the NK patience will pay off and the lack of it can sometimes come back and bit you in the butt. If you know the other breeder is "top of the line" then I would wait for their responds. A few days is not going to make a difference. I wouldn't want anything else than "top of the line" when it comes to buying an expensive/rare primitive breed.

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