Hilo's ears are back down.

  • I'm not surprised. The ears up-down thing happens with more Akitas than not. Next. they'll be up (or one will) and they'll be 'wobbly' looking. Never fear - by the time he's five and a half months or so, they'll be up for good.

    Just a quick after thought. I've NEVER known an Akita that the ears didn't go up sooner or later. I know of people who wanted to show their pups and didn't want to wait, so they taped them, but really - I'd just let nature take its course. Some are up at Hilo's age, but it is more common that they'll be up around 5-6 months. I think the longest I've heard was 7 mos.

    Just enjoy the cutness of those fickle little ears. Smile

  • They go up, they go down... He just turned 4 months, so I guess it should be any day now.

    Hilo - Akita Inu [4 months old]

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