feeding a kai pup
  • toshitoshi
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    I hear kai kens can over eat is this true? What are you experience s?
    How much should a kai pup eat a day?
  • mettazmettaz
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    my experience with my kai it's that she can have food accessible all time :)
  • Hinata23Hinata23
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    Half a cup 3x a day. I wouldn't leave food out all day... some pups can control themselves and some can't. You also want to establish a schedule for your pup early on. Routines are good habits.
  • ZinjaZinja
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    Some dogs prefer to eat one meal instead of two. It depends on your dog. My Akita and Kai enjoy eating one meal a day. My Shiba used to eat throughout the day. He couldn't control his intake and would just keep going.

    I do put the food away when my Akita and Kai are full.
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  • toshitoshi
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    Yea I agree. I don't free feed my shiba. Its nice when umm number 1 and number 2 are on schedule.
  • mettazmettaz
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    I have heard that dog's under 1 year shall have 2 meal of day, all over 1 year can get 1 meal.

    But you know all people means different about things like that, all of my dog get 2 meal, morning and evening.

    But or American Akita only get 1 meal :)
  • mettazmettaz
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  • CarabooACarabooA
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    With our Kai pups they would def. over eat. We feed 2x's a day and while they are actively growing we would monitor when they started slowing down during breakfast/dinner and started to appear like they were getting full. Then, that's about how much we'd try to put out for them at meal time and regulate from there. I kinda approach it like I do with our child. If they're growth spurting and need a lil more... I give it to them :o) Right now Ki (at one year old) is getting 1 and 1/4 cup of food a.m. and p.m. and her weight is looking really good. Kunia at 7 mths is getting about 1 cup am and pm and he looks really good right now too.
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