Brindle shiba? on craigslist-Gainesville, Fl



  • i don't think she is part brindle akita.... there is no urajiro.
    But wow, 70lbs! That is impressive :)
    She certainly doesn't look it from the photos, but then, there isn't much reference. Beautiful dog regardless!! :)
  • That's great you are taking her home @Zinja! I hope she does well.

    She looks VERY stressed in that video, poor thing. Did they say if she was injured? Her back-end looks painful for her in that video.

    I agree with Lindsay ( @lindsayt ) and Lisa ( @shibamistress ), she looks like a super fat Kai in to me. There are some rather large Kai in North America, add obesity to that and I could see there being a 70# Kai Ken in America.

  • Poor girl. She's super stressed. At the same time, I'm proud of how she's taking everything.

    If Koda was chubby he could easily be 70 pds. He's a thin 54. I have to really watch his weight and exercise with his bad leg.

    Mei was 26-27 pds. When she got here and now she's a thin 38. 11 pds. sounds like a lot but dog weight can throw me off. They gain it so evenly.
  • I agree with the chunky Kai recommendation.

    But I am really glad that you guys are going to give her a trial run! Hopefully things work out and she can help you with your reservedness with dogs. :)
  • Yay! Let us know how she does!
  • Will keep my fingers crossed for you guys! Poor thing looks like a sweetheart tho. Hopefully she'll be a good fit for you guys :) ~
  • @Zinja - Where are you located now? We need to get together for a meetup & bring Kel @Yandharr lol ~
  • @Sangmort @Zinja @Yandharr - You should drive to Clearwater and meet me this week. ;o)
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    Actually, I always wanted to meet you... not in a creepy way, of course. I'll be in Tampa with the Kai in question. I know you'll be able to put a stop on this debate.

    I live in Gainesville but go to Tampa often because my parents are there.

    Do you have doggies with you, Brad?

    I asked if she has ever had any injuries and they said she has none. I know her nose is scratched because I called inquiring her temperament with cats. They placed a cat with her in the same room. The cat clawed at the dog when she was sniffing her :(

    She has never been an indoor dog, which may explain her weight gain. I can't believe she survived the Florida heat outdoors!
  • @Zinja - I leave Friday AM. I'm here on work, so no dogs. I can meet anytime after 4ish... I know that's short notice.
  • I wish I could. I guess I'll have to go to Taos ^.^
  • @brada1878 - sure thing! I was actually just in clearwater. give me a call.
  • Aww, poor girl! She does look pretty fat. One of my dogs was overweight at 70 pounds. She's slimmed down to a nice 50 now.
  • @brada1878 - Hey! Didn't realize you were down here. We'd love to meet up with you again! ~
  • @Zinja - We should! We're in Kissimmee / Orlando but go to Tampa sunday evenings for Wraith's bitwork training, & one day a week we go to Lakeland for rats for the snakes. ~
  • Dang it... All the cool stuff is happening before we leave to Florida!
  • @Hinata23 - You need to hurry up & get down here! haha ~
  • East cost nihon ken meetup.
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    @Sangmort Oh man my sisters live up in Orlando, that's only a 2 1/2 hour drive for Tsune and I :)
  • @sangmort We'll be down there no later than July 17 :\ It's the best Jeff can do.
  • @Hinata23 - That's not too far off!

    @cezieg - If you ever want to get together, let us know! Wraith & Dragoon are awesome with dogs, Fate...not so much, but he's up for meeting people ;) ~
  • @sangmort For sure! My sister just got a new GSD/GR/? mix puppy, he's about 5 months now I think? Him and Tsune are bff's and it'd be great to meet up! Tsune will generally be good at the dog park as long as he's not feeling overwhelmed or getting growled at. We had a few issues with a neighbor who lets his dogs (on unlocked extendable leashes) charge Tsune whenever they see him and now he's become somewhat fear reactive.
    He starts basic obedience/manners class next week, so once he has a few sessions under his belt and learns the correct way to introduce himself to other dogs and re-learns that all strange dogs aren't out to get him then we'll work a timeframe out :)
  • @cezieg - Cool! & yeah, Fate doesn't do well when meeting other dogs anymore. What's worse is now, he takes it out on Wraith & Goon for a week or two after. He's good as long as no one touches him tho. ~
  • So... (B)east coast meetup?!

    I like it.
  • @brada1878 & @Yandharr - Had fun guys! Sorry the restaurant kind of sucked :\ ~
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    @Sangmort & @Yandharr - Yea, it was great seeing you guys! :o)
  • @Sangmort @brada1878 , it was fun. sorry for not bringing Ciqala. If you find yourself down this way again, let me know and I'll definitely bring her.
  • Going to pick her up today! I'm super stoked!

    First stop: Earth Pets for a fancy collar and leash!
  • :) Wonderful! Best wishes!! :)
  • Ohhhhhh man! Pictures asap! :)
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