Brindle shiba? on craigslist-Gainesville, Fl

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I found this post when I was poking around CL. I emailed the owner to get more info. She looks sorta like a kai ken with her makings.



  • Not a Shiba. Maybe it's Mochi!!! @brada1878
  • Keeping my fingers crossed that she is Mochi!
  • I think Mochi is much blacker.
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    I don't think it's Mochi, Mochi is pretty dark and looked to have a sharper face than this pup. Plus from what I heard, Mochi was pretty small, practically shiba sized, and this dog is labeled as medium sized. But hey, you never know.
  • Oh, I wish that was her. Esp. Since I am driving right by Gainsville today... But that's not her.

    She does look like a Kai Ken. Maybe I will try to contact them today. I have my camera with me too.
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    She emailed me. Shes 5 years old. I thought about mochi...mochi should be around 5 now. Mochi was much darker.

    I'm going to check her out. I'll take photos.
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    Here's another photo of her...

    Shes part of a rescue organization where someone gave her up. The dog kept escaping their fence and the neighbors are threatening to shoot her
  • Oh my heart just skipped a beat. I really thought this could be Mochi. :(

    But either way, she does look to be a Kai. Hopefully we can help find her a home.
  • Oh, what a pretty girl! Even if she isn't a Kai, she's gorgeous.
  • Oh wow, she does look like a Kai. I hope someone can find her a home. The second link doesn't work now--is that a good sign?
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    The rescue said cl has been flagging his posts so that may explain my previous link. Here are the photos he sent me. I'm meeting her tomorrow.

    Kais have black tongues, right?
  • Thanks for linking the thread. I remember reading it but couldn't search on a phone.
  • lol, I had to laugh when I saw that the photo's @Zinja posted read "hyena".... anyone else notice that?

    I'm sure she'll get a nice home very soon!!!
  • Yeah, they named her that.
  • She is beautiful! I hope she finds a wonderful home.
  • I hate craigslist sometimes.. People flag things for dumbest reason..

    I agree Mochi is darker from what I remembered. I was hoping it was her, but still she does look kai ish..

    Hope find a good home and so sad about escaping fencing and neighbor threatening to shoot her. They sound like type neighbor my Aunt dealt with except they actually acted and trapped and killed her cats. :\

    Luckily AC got them to stop and she eventually was able to move she was kinda in middle of nowhere which was scary.

    I stay think about Mochi and pray someone somehow finds this forum so we know she is safe.. Kai ken are tough so who knows.
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    A lot of you are better identifiers of Kai than me, but in those last pics, she looks not so Kai-ish in the face shape? The last pic looked more like a Kai to me.

    But I'm not so good at identifying them, and I'm basing all my judgement off Brad's Kai Ken--the only ones I've met, and I might not be able to identify an American Kai Ken so well, so who knows.

    But a lovely dog nonetheless.

    and yeah, on the tongue, my Kai boy has only two small spots, and they are not immediately noticeable.
  • That's a Kai to me. I'd bet the farm on it.

    Koda has lots of black spots on his tongue. Actually too many. It's his one fault. Mei only has two in the way back. Most people don't see them until she's hot or panting.
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    Oh and :-( Mochi. I wish it was Mochi.

    Recently a Kai owner was talking about giving up their dog in Florida, but I can't remember how I heard it. I posted it on the fb page.
  • I knew someone would know! :)

    Leo has two in the back too, and I didn't even see them at first. Like Mei I didn't see them til he was panting.
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    I went to visit "Hyena" today. She looks like a Chow/Kai mix in person. I wasn't able to get a good photo so I took a video with my phone. She is a really sweet girl and my girlfriend enjoyed her. We're taking her home on Friday to see if she'll get along with cats and my Akita. If so, we'll take her! There is also someone in Orlando interested in adopting her.

    She was adopted 5 years ago from the same organization. The family found her jumping over their 4 foot fences and that's when the neighbors threatened to shoot. They gave the dog back to hill-top animal hospital 6 months ago. Since then, they have taken her to several adopt-a-thons and meet/greets but no one adopted her yet. The rescue said it's difficult adopting dogs now. They even have puppies that have stayed at the facility for over 3 months.

    She's a beast of a dog.. 70lbs! I thought she looked 50ish. I believe she can afford to lose some weight; she doesn't get much exercise time at her current situation. She is currently blowing her coat and I have a feeling she'll be beautiful when she's done.

    I also noticed that I'm A LOT more reserved with dogs. I had to put Sasuke down because he bit a lot of my family members, mainly from a hormone imbalance that we couldn't cure. I know the rescue says she is the sweetest girl and allows children to pet her; but because of Sasuke, I have a small fear of dogs :(
  • Hope things go well. I can't give any ID since I'm no kai ken expert beautiful dog either way.
  • How about a mix between a brindle Akita and GSD? I think that a DNA test might be in order, just to satisfy everyone's curiosity.
  • She is beautiful. I hope everything works out :)
  • @Zinja, that's great that you're giving her a trial run! I thought she looked a bit smaller in the pictures too... but I'm a sucker for brindles, and she's got a full coat indeed, so I guess there's just THAT much more brindling to go around.
  • She looks like a super overweight Kai, may be a touch hypothyroid as well.
  • I thought in the video she looked more Kai than I expected from the photos...something about the face and the expressions.

    I hope she works out with your family!
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