How much does your Shikoku weigh?
  • I'm curious how much everyone's dog's weigh. At 1yr, 2yr & 5yrs.
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  • Miya (female) weighs in at 35 lbs.
  • CrispyCrispy
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    TK is kind of a tall male 21.5-22 inches), but he weighs 45 pounds. He's 10 years. I got him as an adult at 6 and a half, so I dunno the other ages.
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  • emi802emi802
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    We have two males that are 2 years old. The bigger one is only 29 pounds--he was 24 pounds at one year. He's tall and large in frame, but very light.... The smaller one (his littermate) is 34 pounds. He's a little chunkier. We didn't have him when he was 1, so I don't know how heavy he was then.

    We also have a girl who is 1 year old and weighs in at 39 pounds. She's not as tall as our biggest one, but she's just... denser. She looks like a little tank--probably because that's what her dad looks like.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    Takeo is 3 now, and weighs 39 lbs, he doesn't seem to go over 40. At 1 I think he was about 36 lbs, so not much difference.
  • yo_eddyyo_eddy
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    Yuki is 2 now @ 49 lbs. He was probably about 46 lbs at 1 year old
  • AjaxAjax
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    Ajax is 8 months old, about 40 pounds and 20.5 inches tall.
  • Arashi is 4 years old, female and 33 pounds.
  • SimbaSimba
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    Simba just turned 1 yr old and she's 39 lbs
  • AllisonAllison
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    mayumi is 1yr and weighs 26 pounds
  • AjaxAjax
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    Update: Ajax at just 10 days short of 1 year old is now 47.5 pounds.
  • KajaKaja
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    Kaja (female) weighs about 33 lbs, and is 2 years old.
    At 1 year old she weighed about 29 lbs.
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  • AjaxAjax
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    Update: Ajax at 2 years old is 51 pounds.
  • AllisonAllison
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    lol, ill update too

    Mayumi 2 years, 30 pounds.
    (apparently only gained 4 pounds in a year)
  • ShibafoxShibafox
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    Kaiya 1 year, 32lbs.
  • bily27bily27
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    Banshee's info: (he is from Mike/Mura litter in 2008)

    2months - 10lbs
    6m - 25lbs
    1y - 36lbs
    5y - 40lbs
    7y - 37lbs
    9.5y - 42lbs (current)

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