How often does your Akita inu shed?
  • Besides Akita's yearly blowing period, how often does your akita inu shed? I noticed that my akita inu shed regularly even though I brush him every day. In addition to rake brush, I also handbrush him everyday. every single time without fail, he shed. Is it common for akita inu? I have always thought that as long as you brush akita everyday, akita won't shed. Any suggestion?
  • Yep. He sheds his long guard hairs, (I think they're called) regularly. I don't brush him everyday. He doesn't like it and I don't feel there's a purpose to doing it.
  • My dogs very rarely shed when they're not molting / blowing coat. We don't get any loose hairs when we pet them or bathe them. However with the number of dogs I have, it seems at least one is always blowing coat, so it really wouldn't matter anyway.
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    The only reason I would ever worry about constant shedding in an Akita is if the shedding leads to hair loss (alopecia).
  • Thank you all for the inputs :) I guess it just depends on each dog then.

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