Does your NK like water?
  • Hello! Me again :) I apologize if there's already a thread like this...if there is feel free to let me know.
    So, I love visiting doggy beaches or even just pulling out a kiddie pool for dogs. I was wondering, does your NK like water? Do they like to wade, to swim, frolick about and splash, or do they avoid the local pond like the plague? I'm simply curious, to hear what each dog is like. (Plus I just love pictures of doggies in the water ;) ) I know every dog is an individual, but I think it might be interesting to see if any breed has a special affinity for water.
    While the dogs I'm mostly looking into at the moment are the Shikoku and Kai ken, I'd love to hear about any NK, just for fun!
  • my akita loves to play with water, but not the water at the beach. It is my fault for not introducing him earlier when he was less than a year old. I'm guessing he scared of the sounds, not the water.
    He is very playful whenever I water my plants. He will jump around trying to catch the water from the hose.
  • Hi,

    We have two shiba and a kai ken.

    The shibas don't like swimming or even walking on wet grass lol. forget going out to potty if its raining. They allow me to hose them down for baths outside. they used to fight it but have learned to tolerate it over the years. We have tried the kiddie pool and a pool at the doggie day care to see if they would swim and they did, but they were not happy after.

    Now our Kai ken enjoys playing in the kiddie pool and soaking his feet as a way to cool off. If we go to the dog park and they don't have a pool he will find the water fountain and stick his front paws in. He just turned a year old and we have taken him to the lake and a doggie pool day at the local water park, he would walk along the edge to soak his feet and splash a little, but is still unsure about going in further. I think over time he will learn that its safe to actually swim. He loves bathes and getting hosed down, I swear he gets himself all stinky on purpose so I have to bath him (ex. rolling in another dogs poop) I know gross..right? He also doesn't mind wet grass or going for a long walk in the rain.

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  • Both of my Kai love to swim in ponds when we hike. Juno has a cute swim style with her tail high and dry! They swim to explore and cross brooks and to annoy ducks.
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    My Hokkaido likes to wade into water but usually does not go any deeper than his elbows. He refuses to swim. :)) Sometimes he will use a kiddie pool, but not enthusiastically.
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  • These are all so cute, and good and interesting to know! I've known an AA who loved water so much he tried getting as much of his body in a drinking water bucket as he could, and a JA who hated swimming so much she would probably do nothing more with water than drink it. So the variation is certainly interesting! From what I've heard it's really about the individual dog, maybe? Though of course my example doesn't really work because of how different the AA and JA are, lol.
    Anyways, very great and adorable info everyone ! Thanks! :x
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    Yuki (shikoku) loves water. He likes to run through the shallows and bite at waves. Not a big fan of going over his knees though.

    We bought a bumper for him which he likes to fetch. Threw that out in the water and he went right in. I think the whole swimming thing took him by surprise. He isn't winning any swimming races, but he does OK as long as there is a toy involved
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    Kaja loves to wade in the shallows and bite at the waves. She will dash around all crazy like. Also! She will fetch sticks in the water (and usually come back with a completely different stick haha).
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    Yes Ajax loves water, but what we had to teach him swim without his feet touching.
  • Our dogs enjoy still bodies of water like lakes and ponds but both our AKK and Shiba will not go deeper than their elbows and will freak out if they do. I think they have a fear of drowning like me! I tend to stay in shallow water myself. We live near the beach and they like the tide pools but hate the ocean itself. The waves, the sounds, and the fact that the water rather quickly can go over their heads just isn't a good time for them.
  • My hokkaido loves water! There is a creek by our house that she enjoys wading and splashing in. (It won't be deep enough for her to actually SWIM in until spring, so we'll see how that goes.) She's also not afraid to get dirty! She loves to play in the rain, and will regularly come inside covered in mud.

    My shiba, on the other hand, both HATED the water. They wouldn't even go for a walk if it was raining. If it started raining during a walk, they would immediately turn around and start pulling towards home. I took my aussie and my shiba to the creek a few years ago, and while my aussie jumped right in, my shiba jumped six feet across the water to get to the other side.
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    My hokkaido enjoy puddles and wadingpools and some of my Shibas will also swim and fetch in water
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    My kai ken Sosuke (brother to chry's Juno mentioned above) is obsessed with water. He loves loves loves to swim.

    My Shikoku will wade into water, but doesn't like to get her belly wet.
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    I never commented earlier, but ALL of my Kishu love water. Only one really likes to swim, though (or, rather, is not offended by the idea of swimming and will swim to get things or check things out.)

    My Shikoku loves swimming and water and will often go in for "floats" for fun.
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  • My Kai likes water but gets cold easily in it. She has jumped off our boat to come swim with us but immediately regrets that decision. Hopefully when she is older she'll like it and won't get as cold!

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