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    I just have general question regarding deworming. I know that deworming for a puppy is a must! but, how about after that? Do you give your dog dewormer every year? If yes, do you go to vet or buy the dewormer from the pet store? If you dewormer your dog yourself, which brand of dewormer do you recommend?

    Thank you :)
  • Heartguard Plus includes pyrantel, the same stuff used to deworm puppies. It is mild and safe to have the dog on year round, but it doesn't work on all types of worms. The stuff from the pet store also does not work on all types of worms (or do much of anything at all according to my vet, lol).

    If you suspect worms, get a fecal done so you know what types of worms and what medication to use. Some medications and types of worms can only be treated by a vet.

    A yearly fecal is a good idea, giving them the "strong stuff" without the fecal just in case is not.

    ETA: Sentinel doesn't contain pyrantel but it does work on all the same types of worms as pyrantel. Our dogs are on Sentinel year round, except for pregnant and nursing bitches who get Heart Guard + Frontline instead.
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  • Thanks for the response @PoetikDragon. so far my akita is healthy and has no issue with worms. He doesn't really play near the grass/dirt that often either. I didn't know about yearly fecal thing. my vet just told me for yearly deworming w/o fecal test. So, I guess I do not have to do deworming unless my akita has worms.
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    I use Safeguard/Panacur (fenbendazole) for 3 days when I suspect worms.

    If I see tapeworms in the feces, I use something that treats both Dipylidium caninum and Taenia pisiformis.

    When I used to volunteer at a vet clinic, preparing fecal slides and looking under the microscope, there were times I couldn't see the worm eggs but the vet called it regardless. I guess there are enough instances of the sample not capturing the worm eggs.

    So I can understand your vet jumping directing to de-worming, especially if it's the gentler de-wormer.

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