Nihon Ken breed Swag

    I've made some small patches for our breeds- mostly because I want such a thing to exist so I can sew a Kai patch on my backpack. But we all know it's impossible to find NK stuff - especially stuff that isn't ripped off or done crappily.

    They are fully embroidered and about 2" x 2" (a little bigger than a scout patch) so they can be sewn onto a harness, a bandanna, dog coat, etc- whatever gear! I just got the samples in and I'm really happy with them. I should have them in hand in two weeks, so shipping the end of September, if you are interested!

    kitapatch photo AP27087A_zpsv3vwf5d1.jpg
  • AjaxAjax
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    I'd like a Shikoku patch and cutout.
    Would you ship to an APO address? (while they count as domestic addresses, customs forms are still required for packages)
  • CrispyCrispy
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    I ordered my Shikoku and Kishu patches! I'm very excited! :D
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  • @Ajax- I will try to ship to an APO- It should just be an envelope, pretty flat. Will that work?
  • I am so getting the brindle akita and a red shiba! They look amazing.
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  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Oh my gosh, the Hokkaido patch <3 Alas I do not have an Etsy and I am inherently afraid of using a website I've never used before. Someone tell me Etsy is easy to use, lol. I want that patch.<div class="UserSignature">1 Human + 1 Hokkaido
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  • It actually is easy- I have had the Etsy store for a couple years now and have had no problems with anyone ordering. I don't think you have to join anything, either.

    If you try it out and it isn't easy, just message me and I will take care of ya!
  • They look great! I just placed my order and can't wait to get them :D
  • these are awesome, swag is definitely the right word for it, cant wait to get one!
  • Ordered shikoku + red shiba patch, and shikoku decal. I need to get small hiking packs for my dogs so I can stitch these patches on them.

  • Thanks everyone! The patches are approved and in production now. I will have them soon to ship out. I can't wait to see how everyone uses them!
  • AjaxAjax
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    @Ajax- I will try to ship to an APO- It should just be an envelope, pretty flat. Will that work?

    Thanks! I think so. I just got my NIPPO membership pamphlets and pin and they came in a manila envelope. They went from Japan to a mail hub in California and then back to Japan just fine. :-O Let me know if I owe you extra shipping.

  • I've finished the set now- we've got red, b & t and cream shiba; red and brindle JA; Kurotora and Akatora Kai- plus one each of Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kishu and AA. It's been very cool to see where people have sewn their patches: harnesses, hats, backpacks (both canine and human), school bags, jackets, scarves... thanks everyone for supporting this patches project either with sharing, cheering or getting some for yourself or other NK fans. Really, where else can you get a nice kishu patch for your backpack? :) Enjoy and thank you!
  • We turned our patches into cute fridge magnets! We love them! We even gave an extra Shikoku one to Peggy. They really are the cutest thing.
  • Oh, that's a really cool idea! :) Did you use that flexible magnetic sheeting? what kind of adhesive?

    Some people have glued them to the hook side of velcro backing and stick them on loopy velcro surfaces of jackets, packs and some kinds of harnesses.
  • My friend had some really nice sturdy fabric glue and we actually glued it on top of an existing thin flexible fridge magnet we got in the mail from some company. Now it holds all of our dogs appointments on the fridge haha
  • omgtainomgtain
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    i could totally get behind some kai magnets... and like a little kai notepad..

    just make everything with a kai on it.

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  • sjp051993sjp051993
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    I actually had a notepad made with my kennel logo in the background. It was pretty cool
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