Prolapse or Anal Glands Swelling
  • Has anyone experienced this, or something similar?

    Nami has had it happen twice this summer, the first time, it went away overnight. I took her to the vet the next morning to be safe and they couldn't find anything wrong after feeling around inside her, she was completely healthy and normal.

    It happened again last night, and was definitely larger than the first time, so I kept her relatively calm and let her rest. I took her out to poo in the evening, and that reduced the swelling. I then kept her confined to her cage / laying down and resting the rest of the night, and the swelling has gone down significantly, but her anus is still slightly swollen as of this morning.

    Some of my theories are as follows:
    -it's not a prolapse, but something to do with her anal glands being full or not clearing themselves out frequently enough, which might be related to...
    -she has one, sometimes two bowel movements a day, but sometimes will hold it for 24-36 hours if she doesn't find an adequate spot to go. Maybe the longer periods between bowel movements is causing swelling.
    -The heat, it never gets below 95 degrees at this time of year in Texas, and the prolapse has only been occurring with the heat. Also, her activity outside has been limited because she doesn't handle the heat well, and I think there might be a correlation between her activity levels (being able to run, play, walk as much as she wants), and bowel movements.

    I'm not to concerned, because the swelling does go down when I intervene, she's not experiencing any pain at the moment, she can pass stool still, and there's no blood. But if it doesn't go away by Monday, I will be making a trip to the vet to get another opinion. The next thing the vet could do is a colonoscopy, but at this point it's manageable on my end until then.
    Any thoughts?

    Most recent prolapse

    Most recent prolapse

    Prolapse from earlier this summer
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