Shiba Scream
  • I had a few questions regarding what many people refer to as "The Shiba Scream"'. I've heard that sometimes a Shiba will use the scream in order to get something they want and was wondering if their are any training techniques to minimize that kind of behavior? If so how long does it usually take to help them understand that scream isn't an acceptable way to get what they desire? Do any of the other japanese dogs like the Shikoku Ken use the scream?
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    Really, it's simple. Don't give them what they want. If a behavior doesn't "pay off" they'll stop doing it. But if you give in once... well, then you're in trouble.
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    Sure, like any unwanted behavior you can ignore it and reward silence or distract with other behaviors, but a true Shiba scream is a reaction of distress or discomfort. Albeit highly dramaticized because it often sounds more dire than the circumstances require. But it's not really something you train away, or would want to? It's like telling a person to change the way they laugh or cry, when it's how they involuntarily react. Instead you can try to work to make whatever situation spooked them to be less scary. (Not always possible though; water may always feel like acid to a Shiba....)

    Shibas have other vocalizations too. For instance, mine will do a sharp chirp or squawk when he is frustrated or anxious. And various yodels and quacks when he is happy or excited.

    I have heard Saki (Shikoku) make a sound similar to a Shiba scream at the groomer's. We realized it was less stressful to just do her nails ourselves.

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