How tall of a fence for shikoku and shiba?
  • NaurhirNaurhir
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    I live in AZ right now, and we have the huge 8' cinderblock fences.

    I am relocating to Seattle area, and need to build a fence. It would be the wooden post fences, whichever they call them.

    I have read old threads on here about kai kens getting out of 4' fences. Can a 5' fence work? I can buy a 4' fence and add a 1' topper to the top easily. Otherwise, I need to buy an 8' fence and cut it down to 6' or something, but this is expensive and blocks a lot of sunlight, blocks views etc.


  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Do you leave your dogs out a lot? You have to consider the temperature differences in AZ and WA will affect your dogs' energy levels. My dogs will want to laze about and sun themselves all day here in Southern California, but at night when the air is cool, they're full of energy. When you consider cool is permanent in WA, you may find your dogs with more energy than you're accustomed to seeing. I would go as high as you are able to get away with.

    Are they intact or neutered?

    Personally, my brick fence is over 6' tall but I still wouldn't leave my dogs out unsupervised. They'll either dig under or nose their way out of the gate.

    Jesse Pelayo

  • NaurhirNaurhir
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    In AZ they have a doggy door to go in and out as they please - not sure what setup I will have in WA, but likely the same.

    They are both spayed.
  • kogafriendkogafriend
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    I have a Shikoku, Hokkaido, Kai, Belgian Malinois, and shitzu.

    They are free to roam around the property. I have a 5 ft fencing that they can jump over if they chose to(except the shitzu). However, they do not. Coyotes can easily go over, but stopped entering our property once our dogs got bigger. When they were puppies last year, we kept them inside or supervised when outside as coyotes would routinely drop by probably to make a meal of them if they could.

    These days, they are big enough that they keep them from entering. There is always the risk of course.
  • yo_eddyyo_eddy
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    Welcome to WA. Our lowest section of fence is just under 5 ft. Yuki (shikoku) has never tried to get over it, although I'd guess he could if he really tried.
  • aykayk
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    I used to live in Arizona with cinder block, and the cinder block is much more effective in blocking temptations to jump out than wooden fences.

    Try to go high. If not with solid wood, lattice-work or wire.
  • LexterGraceLexterGrace
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    At LEAST 5 feet high and 1 foot underground (or lined with cinderblocks) would be my vote. My 16" shiba would clear a 4' wooden fence with ease. My kishu would climb a 6' chainlink as well. Both were diggers. Also, training your dog to know the boundaries are a must. From my experience, Japanese breeds are huge escape artists at heart.
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