How long for coat to grow back?
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    To my horror, Yoji's vet shaved a generously sized patch of fur off his neck for a blood test, without my permission might I add :( does anyone know how long this will take to grow back? I mean his coat was coming on beautifully and getting really thick and dense around his head and neck. I've been reading it could take 6 months + and might not grow back the same!

    Really disappointing, when he went in for neutering early last month, the nurse asked did I mind if they shaved his leg which was fine, which is still growing back - and that's fine hair on his leg!

    It's cosmetic really, but shouldn't she have asked this time? It was a different vet/ nurse at the practice as his usual vet had gone home :( if I was showing him I'd be very angry. Thankfully I'm not and the patch can be hidden under his collar. But still! :((
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    It'll grow back eventually, to me speed kind of depends on genetics and weather (grows back faster in colder climates). I'm used to blood being drawn at the leg, but maybe your vet had good reason to draw from the neck. Regardless, I'd rather they shave the whole neck then risk screwing up drawing blood from there.
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    It will grow back. How fast it grows really depends on the individual dog. There is a supplement called Royal Jelly (from Isle of Dogs) that I highly recommend for coat growth. The oils in it are also great for the coat/skin in general. You can also try ShowStopper, but I've found that dogs gain weight like crazy while on it.
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    I would say it will fully grow back next time he will grow the whole fur. So if he just finished last fur growing and is keeping the fur now, you probably have to wait longer. I don't think a single hair really knows it has been cut.
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    Thanks for the replies guys :)

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