Blue Buffalo Recall
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    Just in case anyone feeds Blue Buffalo, I just got an email about a recall:

    Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall
    On May 26th, 2016, Blue Buffalo voluntarily recalled one date code of their Blue Adult Fish & Sweet Potato Diet due to high moisture levels that could potentially result in mold. Affected product can be identified by the UPC (859610000326) and the Best By Date (April 11, 2017), both found on the back of the bag. We (Pet Food Express) have pulled all affected product from our shelves.

    Symptoms of mold consumption can vary. While some pets can ingest mold without incident, others may experience digestive issues. If you think your pet is suffering from mold consumption problems, please contact your veterinarian.

    If you are concerned about this product or any other Blue Buffalo item, you are welcome to bring it to any Pet Food Express and we will be happy to return it for store credit and assist you in finding an appropriate replacement food or treat for your pet.

    Affected product can be identified by its UPC as well as its batch and date codes:

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe 30# bag
    UPC: 859610000326
    Batch Code: AH 2A 12:08-14:00
    Best By Date: April 11, 2017
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    This is why I switched to another food brand a few months ago. BLUE has had so many recalls and lawsuits regarding their claimed ingredients vs what's actually in the bag.
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  • emi802emi802
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    Yea, I haven't fed blue in well over a year. We did a couple bags when my older dog was a puppy.