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    I have a question: when and why the Urajiro seems in Akiho standard? In the standard of 1955 I could not find any signs about it. I read only about other colors.
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    Prior to 1941, a few red dogs with Urajiro had their photographs published in dog magazines. There had been a few individuals of this colour among the participants at the shows around that time. These dogs, however, were not highly rated as they were called “Spitz Type” and the colour became a subject of much discussion amongst the judges. As there were many breed fanciers from the dogfight days, opinions varied. Those arguing in favour of the colour pointed out that, if the Japanese dogs were all native to the Japanese Archipelago since ancient times, it was only natural for Akitas to share the similar colour and appearance of other Japanese breeds, regardless of their size.

    In 1964, when Bankomaru-go (red with Urajiro) was awarded a Meiyosho (the highest award given to an Akita at AKIHO shows once a year, and only to dogs that are four years old or older), his colour attracted a great deal of attention, and Akitas with Urajiro became very popular However after Bankomaru-go no Akita of his colour was outstanding in type making it difficult to popularize the look. According to the show reports in the AKIHO newsletters the number of participating dogs of this colour started to increase around 1975. This was largely due to the fact that the authorities had changed their minds about the colour and the fanciers took a liking to it. This in turn led to more breeders breeding for it and more owners acquiring dogs of this colour. Since about 1985, all red dogs have had Urajiro.

    Note: the discussion about genetics and urajiro being the same as irish spotting is incorrect.
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