Fort Mac fires
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    It's probably to late but anyone effect bybthe fires here, if you need anything and are in Edmonton now or heading to Edmonton let me know.
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    Thanks for this! We are staying with good friends of ours for the meanwhile. Thankfully the refinery where I'm working is already working on getting started up again. Hoping to be business as usual soon. Though I have no idea when we'll be allowed home, so there is definitely some stress involved.

    In the meanwhile, here's a couple of pictures to show just how well Rollo is doing in our new environment. He's befriended the 3 year old who lives here. She is so cute, and loves to leave snacks for Rollo all over the place. She was afraid of him at first, but loves him now. She even lets him sniff her face and gives him hugs. He is great with her, he seems to follow her every move. Here's a couple pictures of their new friendship:

    I flipped Rollo onto his back and leaned him into me with about 10 people in the backyard. He fell asleep like this..
    photo E9E660A2-D6CB-4E7D-A4E4-2700881698C6_zpsu2rlenui.jpg

    photo 102B082C-3F65-40F6-9AB3-66039A26F17F_zpsxu3lkzbc.jpg
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    So glad you and your family are ok and even more glad Rollo just rolled with the punches!

    Jesse Pelayo

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    Good to hear. If you want to meet up while your in town let me know. I'm sure Kanji hasn't met a Shikoku since birth.