Tomoe moved to Japan! How do I register her microchip ID here?
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    Tomoe, Kishu Ken extraordinaire, now almost 7 years old, recently moved with us to Kawasaki, right near Tokyo on the wrong side of the river.

    I know there are some folks who live and/or have lived in Japan or have contacts here with dogs. She has a standard microchip that is used internationally (whatever the ISO number is - we wouldn't have been able to import her if it wasn't in use here). But what I'm looking for is, if she is lost and someone scans that chip, who offers registry services such that our address and phone numbers can be looked up by her microchip ID? We used HomeAgain in the US.

    Anybody have any knowledge in this area? Thanks!
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    Something to consider is, and perhaps what you were referring -- according to this website, "Under the current law, Japan requires all imported dogs and cats to have an ISO-compliant microchip or a compatible reader. If your pet is microchipped in Japan,(using the ISO standard), your microchip will be unreadable in the US (Non-ISO standard). Please understand this situation.".

    ANYHOOT, perhaps someone like @thewalrus would know better, but I think you can use Animal Identification Promotion Organization (AIPO).

    Hope that helps :)

    As a secondary note, to anyone who has gotten their pet microchipped for a pet recovery program, I advise checking the chip number PERSONALLY on a website to make sure the data is registered as it ought to be. Sometimes mistakes are made.
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    As @Kaja mentioned, AIPO is the registration database for microchips in Japan