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    Anybody ever had a dog with VKH? Kota was just diagnosed last month. We caught it early, because his littermate was diagnosed and they gave me a heads up because I had mentioned Kota having skin problems. I actually took Kota to the vet to get him checked and he was fine. But a week later, his retinas detached.

    Now he is on heavy meds and dealing with bad side effects. His littermate is getting an eye removed. I respect her decision, but my guy has always been a very serious and dignified boy who has always been easily stressed. I hope we can wean him off the worst of the meds and that he will be ok. But I don't think he would be happy if we used invasive treatments.

    Anyway if anyone has ever dealt with it, let me know how it turned out!
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    I am very sorry to hear about his VKH diagnosis. Sadly, this disease is more common in Akitas, both Japanese and American, than in most breeds.
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    Where are you located Kitagirl? I'm in NorCal and my eye specialist doesn't hardly have JA clients, sees mostly AA, and said the disease is more common in Samoyeds. Please let me know if you need an eye specialist referral.