Early VS Modern Shibas
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    I don't know where my Shiba came from. I have an Certificate of Pedigree from APRI that was given to me when I got her as a puppy from my friend (he didn't want her :(). It looks like she's from a line of backyard breeders :/. She doesn't look like your breed standard show Shiba:


    She IS a cat in a dog's body. She seems to have a more "wild" phenotypes than show Shibas and is definitely a little hunter. She's very aloof, extremely independent and can't stand wearing collars/harnesses/anything. She's the most unique little dog I've ever met and feels like I'm living with some wild little creature. She's very smart, I can command her to bark at different volumes and "say" different words along with various other "tricks". I KNOW she knows when I want her to do something, but it has to be "worth" it to her (lol)

    I've been trying to find pictures of "ancient" Shiba Inu. I know Shibas and JAs have been bred for show aesthetics and have seen the dramatic different in the modern JA VS JAs from earlier times, but can't seem to find any pictures of old/ancient Shibas. I forget what it's called (the term), but I know that stray/feral dogs from specific regions will gravitate toward certain physical characteristics (good example being Gambian street dogs).

    TLDR; My Shiba killed a rat in the backyard yesterday morning in half a second, and after reading posts here about breed behaviors and modernization of breeds it got me wondering what ancient Shibas looked like and I can't seem to find any good examples online - I would love to see some!

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    this is all i could find
    http://www.godaikoso.com/hist.shtml (click shiba ho history)


    ^ this one talks about the 'joman shiba' like the first link does, but has more in depth info and pictures.

    don't know more than that though. sorry.

    Tain, Nare the GSD/Husky, and Tavi the Kaigirl!
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    might try asking over on the Shiba Inu Forum, our sister forum... all things shiba lives over there.
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    @omgtain Thanks! Some neat pictures and info in there ^_^
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    APRI is a puppy mill registry so the reason why your Shiba looks different is because she wasn't bred to standard.
    In regards to her more primitive behaviour,I think all Shibas vary. 2 of my 4 are definitely more primitive in the way they act then the other two. out of koyuki and Takeo, Takeo is like a wild animal and they are siblings . Out of Suma and Kenji, Suma is a lot less people oriented, and they are both related aswell (same grandsire I believe).
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    The description of your dog's behavior and personality is pretty textbook Shiba. :) She just looks a little different from show dogs (less fluffy, bigger ears, lankier) because she wasn't bred to standard. That "look" is pretty typical of BYB Shibas.

    I think the term you were looking for is pariah. Dogs that are allowed to breed freely tend to revert to a generic wild spitz appearance. However in the case of your dog, she is still recognizable as a Shiba.

    Some more Shiba history -

    Jomon thread
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    YES @zandrame !! Pariah dogs is the term I was looking for! And I'm 100% sure she is from a BYB. People tell me that she looks like a little Dingo lol... but honestly, people have asked me if she was a husky before... srsly -_-....

    I call her a fruit bat a lot because I think they have the same face with those big ears, lol xD. She's my little freak-shiba <3
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    You're not alone @slkblaze, a lot of us (myself included) ended up with a Shiba from a BYB. My boy actually looks a lot like yours and behaves very similarly.

    Welcome to the forum!
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