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    Recently I learned of the Ryukyuu Inu. I had wanted a Kai Ken, but I recently found the Ryukyuu. It's a Japanese dog with around 300 or less left. I have read all the threads on here I could find about them, and they seem to potentially be a lot better fit for me than a Kai would.
    Now, one thread I looked at said the Ryukyuu Inu Preservation Society is inactive now, which doesn't help the breed at all.

    How would one go about importing a Ryukyuu, seems it is so rare and seems to be declining?
    I know there is Japan Dog Import that can usually help with importing dogs, but I am unsure whether Shigeru would help with this kind of request of a very rare dog not often found outside the Okinawa Prefecture?

    Of course, I won't be doing it for another few years, so the numbers would have dropped to a lot lower than they are now, probably, which makes that even more difficult.

    Anyone got any ideas/ever owned one before?

  • I don't have answers but I'd like one one day as well, way in the future... when I have my land. Its a little sad to think of such a lovely breed dying out slowly. I'd like to see a preservation effort.
  • DeonDeon
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    @Vulpesvulpes89 I am glad to see I am not the only one who wants one.

    To be honest, I'll probably be able to get one end of 2017/2018. If all goes well and they are my kind of dog, I'll probs import 2 more from 2 different breeders, do health tests on Hips, Eyes, Elbows, etc. And if all goes well, breed them in an urge to protect them and also set up a breed club in my country for them.

    I too would like to see some kind of Preservation Effort. A good breeding program too, maybe even a registry for them and a breed club.

  • ;) yep. @deon maybe I'll join you one day, life permiting.
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    Shigeru here. Someone would need to go to Okinawa to make contacts and see if this is even possible. Unfortunately I just don't have the time.
  • I met some men who had Ryukyuu Inu when I was in Okinawa two years ago. When I expressed interest in the breed, they were a bit standoffish at first but when I showed some knowledge of Japanese breeds and hozonkai talk, they warmed up. Then they gave me an oral quiz on Okinawan vocab and culture. I guess I did okay because right then and there, they offered to take me to a purebred RI breeder who had a litter on the ground (I declined because at the time I could not bring back a dog). So on one hand, I had the feeling there are people who love the breed and are eager to help interested parties import, but on the other, they seem slightly dubious of foreigners. I will try to go back later this year and see if I can make contacts or at least learn more.

    There is a famous legend in Okinawa about a dog (presumably a Ryukyuu/LooChoo Inu) and a musician. To read about it, check out the link.
  • I can make absolutely no promisesbut I had a serious discussion with my family the other day about dogs in our future, it involved Ryukyu. Assuming things go to our plan for the next 3-6 years we (me and most likely mother) would be in a position to take on a dog or two. We plan to get a bit more space and I am sad to say that our hound grows only older..

    My main goal, since I was twelve, has always been the Japanese Akita but I'm open to another breed as well, especially if I can help others in preserving something.I wasn't joking when I said I'd like to see preservation effort. Just wanted people to know I'm serious and want to stay informed.
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    Sorry I haven't replied in about 9 months! (life has been hectic).

    @TheWalrus I didn't think it would be as easy as a quick Google search, although I had hoped it might be. I suppose even if you could get to Okinawa it would then be a case of knowing where to find the breeders then tracking down one that is willing to export a dog or pup 6,000 Miles away.

    @Akainu_Ko I can understand them being a tad standoffish. I am quite glad they are still being bred though even though the Preservation Society seems to have gone down completely. That was my main concern really that Ryukyuu would stop being bred.

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