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  • AllisonAllison
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    Hi Guys!

    So I wanted to introduce my new little one, Mayumi.

    Awhile ago, I went on a waiting list, and I finally got her after about a year or so waiting. She is honestly perfect.

    I picked her up from the airport a couple days ago. When I first took her out of her crate, she wagged her tail and gave me kisses. For the car ride, she was silent and barely moved and wasnt car sick at all! When we got home, she immediately tried playing with my feet and playing with her toys!

    We stayed up for about two hours (I picked her up at 12am!) then she walked into her crate and fell asleep. I took that as a chance to sleep aswell! She slept in her crate all night!

    She is super playful and chews everything! We played in the snow all day today and she loves it! I'll attach some photos that @grayjj took!

    I'm excited for her to grow up and to join the shikoku community!

    IMG 9407

    IMG 9413

    IMG 9426

    IMG 9427

    IMG 9439

    IMG 9506

    IMG 9514

    IMG 9536

    IMG 9552

    IMG 9571

    IMG 9574

    IMG 9582

    photo hosting

    Ikigai Shikokus
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  • KajaKaja
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    Such a cutie patootie, look at that puppy shake! And so fluffy!
  • SixSix
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    Awwwww she's so tiny and adorable! The photos in the snow are fantastic, that first one especially.

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  • MBeatsMBeats
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    Awesome pictures. Congratz!
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Awww, she's cute!
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  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Hi Allison and welcome!

    She looks great! Hope you can share with us from which parents she came from?

    Jesse Pelayo

  • AllisonAllison
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    Her parents are shiggy and hime.

    Mayumi's show name is Akashimas Kochi Ken Megumi

    megumi meaning blessing which is amazing.

    I plan on showing her and possibly breeding her depending on health testing :)
    Ikigai Shikokus
  • KajaKaja
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    Oooh Shiggy and Hime! Kaja is somewhat related to yours then: same dad, and the mothers are sisters. Kaja has a great temperament -- good genes, I say ;)

    Mayumi is just way too cute. Hope you keep the forum updated on her as she grows up! :D
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  • AllisonAllison
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    @kaja oh for sure! Mayumi kinda looks like kaja as a pup, so I look forward to seeing how mayumi turns out !
    Ikigai Shikokus
  • emi802emi802
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    Welcome! Oh my goodness! She is SO CUTE. I can't handle it. I especially love the photo of chewing on her own tail. :D
  • alyssabalyssab
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    She is soooooooo adorable. So tiny, well for right now :P
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  • AllisonAllison
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    @alyssab she's so much smaller than I expected. Only 7 pounds !
    Ikigai Shikokus
  • HeidiHeidi
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    Cute pup! I have an Akashima dog, too, and I love her to pieces. :)
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  • jigzzorjigzzor
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    This really makes me miss Miyuki as a puppy, She's still a pup... But theres nothing like a 8-10 week old puppy. Enjoy and take as many pictures and videos as possible *_*
  • AllisonAllison
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    Hi guys!

    Mayumi is 10 weeks old today, which means tomorrow, I'll have had her for 2 weeks! What a two weeks it has been..

    My storage on my camera roll is already full! Gotta only keep the goodies.

    I created an instagram for her, so I can delete some photos and then look back at cute videos/pictures. Her instagram is @mayumitheshikoku

    She weighed 8.2llbs yesterday!

    At 10 weeks old, Mayumi is your typical shikoku. She loves dogs and people so far, mostly likes hair and beards on both. Most other dogs cant really stand her, as for now its my family-friends dogs who are older and are annoyed with her puppy payfulness of going for tails and cheeks. She does has one morkie friend and they play for hours!

    Mayumi is getting great socialization. I work most mornings, so on wednesdays she hangs out with the morkie, thursdays she goes to my moms office job and greets people all day, saturdays she gets to go to different friends houses depending and sunday she spends with my sister. All depending on my scheduling too!

    She loves to chew anything right now, but she definitely understands the word no and will stop. I'm trying to lessen people using their fingers to play with her and she thinks thats its okay to chew them now (also ankles too!!)

    I was wondering if anyone had tips on what I can do to start preparing her for shows- training tips for stance and stuff?

    I know in CKC I can show her at 3 months but not for points, but theres barely any around me, first one is at 4 months about 2 hour drive away.

    I havent looked into when I can show her for UKC, - if anyone knows?

    I'll attach photos later today when I get home!
    Ikigai Shikokus
  • She is absolutely adorable! I have followed her Instagram. In the future I hope to get a Shikoku as company for my Shiba, Yoji!

    All the best with her she's so precious.
  • Omg, you have the cutest little fluffball ever!
    I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am.
  • AllisonAllison
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    Haha thank you! I'd like to think so :) @paranoidparrot
    Ikigai Shikokus
  • AllisonAllison
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    IMG 2856

    IMG 2935

    IMG 2996

    IMG 3055

    IMG 3068

    IMG 3103

    IMG 3114

    IMG 3119



    image hosting 30 mb

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  • AllisonAllison
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    image hosting 12mb

    So much black
    Ikigai Shikokus

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