Nihon Ken Show Collar and Leash
  • DeonDeon
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    I remember PoetikDragon did a post about the Silver and Gold collars and Leashes usually used to show Akita's and Shiba Inu. Whilst I don't have an Akita or Shiba, I want one of those collars and/or a Leash [preferably both] because they look so pretty and was wondering where I would get one from that would ship to the UK? - I can't find them anywhere online :(
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  • omgtainomgtain
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    there are companies that will order it for you, and then ship it to you (middle-man type) of course it comes with a fee-- or you can ask if anyone here is visiting JP and if they'll get you one, or you can give shigeru puppy eyes and see if he'll get you one. :)

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  • DeonDeon
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    @omgtain Thanks. I emailed Shigeru last night asking if he knew anyone/anywhere I could get one from :) Hoping to get a reply at some point. I think I need friends in Japan so I can get things like The Tale of Mari and Three Puppies book and other doggie stuff a lot easier! Haha.

  • KajaKaja
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    You mean these things?: link

    There was someone on the forums recently who was going to Japan and asked if anyone wanted anything haha. But those companies that act as middle men for shipping are actually really easy to work with. My partner does it all the time.

    You should just go to Japan though! Beautiful country. :)
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  • DeonDeon
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    @Kaja Yes, exactly like them! :)

    Ha. I wish. I cannot afford it or have the time to go, either. I've been studying Japanese Culture for years now and love Japan, but never been outside of my country because I haven't got the money or time.
  • DeonDeon
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    Though, to be honest, If I had the Money I'd probably just spend it on importing a Silver Brindle Japanese Akita and a Kai Ken from Japan, lol.
  • KoyukiKoyuki
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    @Deon this is the link to the FB page of the lady who made my silver show collar and leash
    it was affordable, well made and she gives great service. The lead and collar looked awesome on our black brindle Japanese Akita, but for us judges in Australia are not a fan... They prefer to see the thin paracord leads and chain collars :(

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