Main features to rebuild the akita inu after the war
  • Dear all,
    I have a question: which features (about every aspect, also character) the Japanese wanted to recover of the typicality of the akita inu after the Second War?
    I know that they used nine dog to rebuild the original japanese breed, but I would like to know much more about this important historic step!
    Can you help me to have information about it?
  • Good Morning,

    One of the best sources to read about the restoration is the book.

    I've never felt that the Japanese just had nine or twelve Akitas post war. Personally I believe that they only had a handful of pedigreed pre-war Akitas. They also bred to a bunch of dogs that lived in the region but did not have pedigrees or they did not know the pedigree.

    Anyway go read the book it will give you the information that you are looking for.
  • Thanks a lot!! I will read the book and I hope to have information! I will tell you about it! Thanks again!