Need Name Suggestions
  • So I put down a deposit on a Maremma/Akbash puppy. Picked him up and he started chewing on my face. That was love right there.

    But I don't know what to name him! Any suggestions? The weirder the better. For comparison I currently have a Sugar Glider named Raz (Psychonauts), two cats named Skooma and Moon Sugar (Morrowind), and a rabbit named Mr. Crimpy Whiskers. Previous animal names have been Hammurabi (rabbit), Necho (bird), Moko (Shiba) and Mr. B (cat).

    I'll add the generic puppy pics once I remember how this forum uses images....
  • DeonDeon
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    Lol, I just saw the generic puppy pictures on Facebook on the BCM Off Topic.

    I think you should name him Poteva (Cloud) or Soffice (Fluffy). :) They're Italian Names for an Italian dog xD (I think Mama's are italian anyways...)
  • Lawl, OMG someone also on NihonKen?!

    Maremma's are italian, Akbash are from Turkey. I have no clue what the turkish word for fluffy or cloud would be....

    Moko means fluffy in Japanese! Maybe I should have a trend :p

    How do you say those? I'm guessing Poh-Teeva and Soh-Feechay? Probably waaaay off.
  • McArthur, Claude... I'm out.
  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    Haha I love the morrowind based names.

    To err is human, to arrr is to pirate.

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