Where is it legal?
  • I may be going crazy but I thought I'd post the question anyways.

    Where (states/territories) in the U.S. is hunting with dogs legal? If it is legal what small or large game is allowed?

    I'm currently working on a project about laws and regulations related to dogs and how if affects breeds. I've been trying to wade through all the state hunting regulations and Google searches but there doesn't seem to be anywhere were the information is compiled in one place or the hunting regulations don't give a clear answer. Does anyone know, even if the list isn't complete any info is really helpful.
    Does anyone on the forum hunt with their dogs?
    I know rabbits and deer in VA are allowed. I have a friend whose family owns rabbiting beagles. I also think pigs in Alabama and bear in Alaska are alright... but I'm not 100% sure.
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  • Here in Vermont, you can hunt upland game birds (ruffed grouse mostly- we don't have pheasant or quail) with dogs in the fall (Sept 25- Jan 1), and rabbits/snowshoe hare. You can hunt turkeys with dogs during the fall turkey season, but no dogs allowed during the spring turkey season. You can also hunt bears with dogs in the fall, and we have a state Bearhound Association. Vermont also allows licensed leashed tracking dogs for the purposes of recovering wounded game, but you cannot run dogs on deer or moose. You can also hunt squirrel (though up here we only have the little reds, not the big greys), raccoon and bobcat with dogs in Vermont.

    My two Kai Ken and I hunt ruffed grouse.
  • In California where I hunt, I can hunt hogs, deer, fox, raccoon, badger, upland game birds, and waterfowl with dogs. Recently the use of dogs to hunt bears and bobcats became illegal.

    For other states, many of the states that has feral hogs allow the use of dogs. There are some states that allow bear and lion hunting with dogs. The states that I know that allow the use of dogs for lion and bear is Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, and I think Oregon.
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  • Thanks @wrylybrindle, @shishiinu
    I sense a lack of large herbivores on these lists...
  • You won't find too many states that allow the use of dogs to hunt game like elk and moose. I know a lot of hunters use Laikas to hunt elk and moose in Europe.
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  • Florida allows the use of dogs year round on private property to hunt feral pigs. Also our state allows the use of dogs to hunt deer but they need to be registered for certain areas and if hunting private land and some WMAs. I believe using dogs to track wounded deer is allowed whenever the season is open.

    It may not last long though because apparently a lot of "good ol boys" are trespassing on private land and threatening landowners. It is terrible that a few people may ruin it for most.

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    In Tennessee you can dog-hunt on: squirrel, 'Coons, rabbit, boar/wild pig, turkey, and bear. Foxes, Bobcats, Grouse, Mink, Skunk, Opossum, Muskrats, Otters, Quail, Beavers, Coyotes, and Water Fowl are all huntable with dogs. Elk and Deer (white tailed or Red Deer) are the only two things that are a strict no on. With Boar, you can't hunt with dogs from Nov-Dec I believe.
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    In Colorado you can run dogs on Cougar, Bobcat, Squirrel, Coyote, Marten, Weasel, and Grouse.

    In New Mexico you can run dogs on all those things + Boar and Bear.

    In Arizona you can run dogs on the same game as New Mexico, but you cannot run dogs on Javelina (they aren't boar). You can also run dogs to catch bull/cattle in AZ.
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    By the way California finally repealed the GPS tracking device law for dogs. I'll be trading my radio collars in for a Garmin unit now
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    You can hunt wild boar with dogs in Hawaii.

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