Shiba or Hokkaido?
  • I have what I was told is a Shiba Inu whom is now 6. His name is Bowser. He weighs about 40-45lbs and is fit. He has a stocky chest. I don't know if he is just a big Shiba or if he may be Hokkaido? Any thoughts?




  • Not a hokkaido. Hokkas are really little -shiba sized- but stockier, with big snow-paws and tiny ears. I think what you have there is an adorable, but "off-standard" shiba with a wonderfully curly-curly tail! Plus there are only like 12 hokkaido in north america and 6 of them were just born yesterday. :)
  • Big Shiba... More slender head and the typical shorter legs/gait of a Shiba.

    Many Shibas are larger than standard more often than not here in the states. For some reason, we seem to want to make everything bigger.
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  • Thank you both! He does have quite the curly cinnamon bun tail :)

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