Maggie Simpson (Kai Ken Puppy)
  • ajflacoajflaco
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'd like to introduce you to Maggie, my new puppy from Classy!

    Check her out :)


    More to come!
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  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    whoa! Maggie is adorable!!
  • SayaSaya
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    Cute name. I'm guessing a simpsons fan? :)
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  • PoetikDragonPoetikDragon
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    Cute puppy!
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  • emi802emi802
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    Waaa! Such a cutie :D
  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    That first picture is so cute. Congrats!
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  • Kira_InuKira_Inu
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    Congrats, love the floppy puppy ears!
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  • drpancakesdrpancakes
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    Super nice dog. Congrats!
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  • ajflacoajflaco
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    Thanks everyone! :)
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    Adorable , love that last picture :)
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
    Posts: 1934 cute!
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  • Oh my goodness what a cutie! Congrats :)
  • ValkyriiValkyrii
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    Adorable! Congrats!
  • YogadogYogadog
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    Lovely pup! Who are the parents? I wonder if she is related to my Hello Kitty.

  • kshiaukshiau
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    Aww, she must be litter mates with Akira!
  • ajflacoajflaco
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    Lovely pup! Who are the parents? I wonder if she is related to my Hello Kitty.

    We talked through email/phone before I bought this pup! I believe they are related :)

  • ajflacoajflaco
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    *** UPDATE

    Maggie has adjusted well at home, and she loves playing with my cat, sometimes they even cuddle!

    We went to the Cottage last weekend and she loved playing in the sand and tall grass, she swam for a little bit but I don't think she liked it too much.
  • mdokicmdokic
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    Awwweee the pictures cuddling with the kitty are SO cute!! ♥ and the girls love the sand too hehehe ^_^
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  • ajflacoajflaco
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    Sleepy time, she's getting so big!

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  • Wow, she's beautiful!! :D
    It's cool that she gets along just fine with your kitty.
    More pics please!
  • RikachanRikachan
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    @ajflaco わああ、Maggie is so cute! I'm glad to see she's not chasing the cat. I wish Rika would be so nice... WELCOME!

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