Craigslist: I need to rehome my Japanese Kai Ken
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    "I need to rehome my Japanese Kai Ken.. I'm moving and she can't go with me. Her name is Mercedes and she was rescued from San Antonio Animal Shelter. I will ask a rehoming fee to assure she is going to a safe home where she will be loved.. please look up the breed for additional information as they are not bred in the united states!"
  • cdenneycdenney
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    no picture, I wonder if it is a Kai though. If someone wants to take or foster I can grab her from OH and transport her to the mid atlantic if needed.
  • kbbd83kbbd83
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    I'm in Dallas. I will take her. I am contacting them ASAP.
  • We're in Cleveland, we can go check her out and possibly help coordinate. We'll be driving to northwest Michigan in about a week and a half so may be able to help with a transport leg westwards.

    PM me if you think you need help or want me to contact the poster. I wish we could foster but with my mother coming to visit and our impending trip, we're not in a good position to try to do it right now.
  • I recently put to rest my 18 year old Kai dog; she was my best buddy and the best dog ever after 1 week of training. I got her as a rescue at age 4 and had her for 14 more great years. I would love to foster/adopt! But I'm skeptical about this CraigsList ad from last June; does anyone know if this post for real? I live in Southern California. If so, I'd love to hear more if anyone heard anything. Did it work out for the dog to find a "forever" family? How do I find out? Thanks!
  • The community keeps an eye out for Kai in shelters or lists to assess pull or transport, so if any turn up you will see them on the Forum, the Kai Owners FB group (which I know you are in :) ) and/or the Nihon Ken Rehoming page on FB.

    You won't miss a rescue Kai!